Sereno Gioia LED Planter


Minimal slim design gives a sense of lightness. Very small footprint, these planters can fit in tight spaces. Gioia means “happiness” – this is the principle of design for this product. Beautiful and decorative planters, not too overpowering and illuminated, these planters are a joy to be around. These will give your space a very unique and a very uplifted feeling. These illuminated planters are sleek and can be placed very well in tight spaces.

These decorative planters for indoors and outdoors recreate the magic in the surrounding area. With these decorative planters, you can grow the flowers you want display them for all to see. Whether it’s outside an apartment or on the porch of your house, show off your gardening skills no matter where you live. They easily gel up with any kind of home décor and act as a perfect element to match your style and home. These lit up planters are perfect for small balconies and also look great as a design element.


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Input: 110-220V

Operation Voltage: 12 V DC

Current: 0.06A

Watts: 1.08

Temp.: -30 deg ~ 85 deg C


  • D1 (Top Diameter)- 35 cm
  • D2 (Bottom Diameter)- 25 cm
  • Height- 90 cm
  • Soil Weight- 15 Kg

GIOIA 120:

  • D1 (Top Diameter)- 45 cm
  • D2 (Bottom Diameter)- 30 cm
  • Height- 120 cm
  • Soil Weight- 25 Kg

GIOIA 150:

  • D1 (Top Diameter)- 55 cm
  • D2 (Bottom Diameter)- 39 cm
  • Height-150 cm
  • Soil Weight- 60 Kg


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