How do you tell if pipes are leaking behind a wall or under the floor?

A water leak can cost you a fortune and also cause a lot of structural damage, so it’s important to find it quickly. However, finding a pipe leak in a concealed plumbing system can be confusing. Thus, to help you figure out a pipe leak behind a wall or under the floor, we have listed 6 common indications. These include:

  • Absurdly high water meter bill
  • Musty and mouldy odour
  • Mould patches on walls, ceilings or floors
  • Puddles and wet spots
  • Cracks in walls or ceiling
  • Peeling of paint or discolouring due to dampness

You most likely have a hidden leak if you don’t see any obvious leaks coming from your faucets, toilets, or other water-using devices. The best course of action, in that case, is to get in touch with a professional to locate and repair a hidden water leak.

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