Which is the best glass for windows?

In India, window glass matters as much as the style of windows when it comes to durability and strength. The different types of glass in India which are best for windows are:


best glass for windows
Tempered glass

Image Source: Double Glazing 


  • Clear Float: This glass type allows light to pass, but does not provide insulation from heat and sound.
  • Tinted: When metal oxide is added to the glass during production, it becomes tinted, which then provides good heat insulation.
  • Tempered/Toughened: It is stronger than the other types and is considered the best glass for windows.
  • Laminated: These provide good heat and sound insulation. 2 glass pieces are stuck together with a thin polymer interlayer.
  • Double: 2 pieces of glass are separated with an air gap to provide good heat insulation. These are comparatively expensive.


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