Redefine your security solutions with the New-Age Ozone Digital Locks

ozone digital lock
ozone digital lock

Ozone has transformed the way we see security solutions. The new-age Ozone digital locks have redefined how we think about it.  As the world is advancing at a swift pace, the need for enhanced security solutions is growing too, while paving the way for increased demand. There are many reasons for this gradual surge in demand; the foremost of them being the inclination towards ease of use.

While the Internet of Things (IoT) has made lives better connected, much easier, and more secured, a major shift has started to happen from traditional to smarter ways of living. Moreover, the traditional systems have added a lot to the long list of our daily burdens.

Even in the modern ecosystem, we all can relate to this whole lock & key system, wherein carrying the giant bunch of keys actually calls for a lot of annoyance. It causes trouble if you keep it along and the trouble gets multiplied if you forget it somewhere. And when the whole world is summing up at your fingertips, why not the keys?



Riding over this common consumer insight, Ozone launched a media campaign that hilariously throws light on the paradigm shift happening in the locks industry with digital locks. It also gives considerate prominence to the increasing demand for robust safety & security measures in the modern-day world.

The campaign brilliantly highlights the problematic big bunch of keys, that forms an integral part of our everyday life, by giving all the victims of this widespread problem one common face – Guchcha Singh. Burdened with the hassles of carrying a giant bunch of keys, the helpless Guchcha Singh is hard to miss, yet much easier to relate to, in all the digital films and other communications of the campaign. The campaign consists of one main film followed by 5 feature-based digital capsules, all tied back to the central character – Guchcha Singh.




In the recent past, digital locks have made their place in smart & intelligent modern homes. They don’t just bestow the convenience of easy keyless access, but also help in keeping a track of the visitors even when you’re not around. While serving as a robust security solution for the homes, they are equally smart in securing commercial spaces as well and also eliminate the extra baggage of giant keys that have been an irritating household partner for ages now.


Ozone Digital locks save from keys
Digital locks save from keys



The smart next-gen digital locks from Ozone, fit as a perfect security solution for homes, offices, and other such spaces that need to be secured. With a robust mechanism and technology that’s at par with global standards, these locks are extremely tough to tamper with and offer unmatched security to both people and personal belongings.


new age security solutions dont need keys
No key security solution



Ozone digital locks come in different variants that remain installed on doors, furniture, and glass cabinets, thus offering all-around security for homes, offices, and showrooms.

For ease of use and enhanced security, these smart locks come with several avant-garde features like multiple access modes including fingerprint, mobile app, RFID, and user password, along with an emergency key. These locks also come equipped with advanced security features like anti-theft notifications and force break-in alarms, that let you be worriless and safe at the same time.

All this comes with an unshakeable brand promise of Ozone, backed with more than 2 decades of technical expertise and craftsmanship. Thus, offering you an all-around security solution with a lifelong assurance of safety and peace of mind.


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