Door Latches

A solid door latch or bolt lock will do the job whether you’re fastening your backyard fence or stopping a cupboard door from swinging open, and most are pretty straightforward to install. Door latches are available in a wide range of shapes, types, and price options. Also, they’re probably more adaptable than you realize.

You can usually get away with a simple hook-and-eye latch if all you need is a latch to keep a door closed. However, if you want something a little more durable, you’ll want to go with a latch that can withstand some modest pushing from the other side of the door.


Types of door latch & bolt

Door latches are a type of latch that is used to keep doors and gates shut. They can take the form of a sliding bolt to keep the door from swinging open or a hook to keep the door closed in both sliding and swinging motions.

A doorknob is an example of a conventional door latch. This type is frequently utilized in the construction industry. On the inner and exterior sides, it has a latching mechanism, a locking mechanism, and two knobs.

Deadbolts, deadlatches, and deadlocks are all its different types. The way the latch is secured and opened differs between the two methods.


Tubular Latches

A tubular latch, also known as a mortice latch, is used with a lever latch handle, a lever on a rose handle, or a privacy door handle.


Rollerbolt Latches

Rollerbolt latches are typically used on gates where a cabinet knob or pull handle is desired. The spring can be changed to vary the force required to open and close the door. The roller slots into the striker plate in the door frame to keep the door closed.


Deadbolt Door Latch

Deadbolt latches can only be extended or retracted by rotating the knob or using a key. It lacks a spring that keeps the bolt extended. As a result, when the door is closed, it does not automatically bolt.


Dead Latches

In doorknobs, deadlatches are a common mechanism. A deadlatch is made up of two bolts: the main bolt that keeps the door shut and the smaller deadlatch bolt that keeps the main bolt from being tampered with. The tiny deadlatch bolt is the deadlatch’s distinguishing feature. A deadlatch’s strike plate is just big enough to hold the main bolt, not the deadlatch bolt. It is therefore retracted when the door is closed. A mechanism in a retracted deadlatch bolt stops the main bolt from being pushed or retracted.


Latch and Bolt Brands

  1. Dorset
  2. Dormakaba
  3. Hafele
  4. Hettich
  5. Ebco
  6. Godrej
  7. Ozone

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