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In today’s home décor and interiors, door hardware fittings are essential. Many aspects are considered for overall interior and exterior decor, including furniture, wall colour, lighting, ornamental items, furnishings, and, of course, window and door hardware. In reality, a well-designed outside door can add a lot of value to our home. The door hardware includes fittings & accessories for all entrance and wardrobe glass, wood, sliding, and metal door fittings.

The entry door should be much more than a plain wooden door with a coat of paint. If all of our home’s external and interior doors are treated properly with a variety of hardware, we can be confident that our property will stand out from the crowd.

Any object affixed to a door or drawer to improve its usefulness or attractiveness is referred to as door hardware and fixtures. Handles, Knobs, Locks, Latches, Hinges, Bolts, and Fittings for Sliding/Folding Doors, as well as other miscellaneous hardware and security-related hardware, are included.


Types of door hardware

The unsung heroes of home décor are door fittings and accessories. They not only decorate your doors and drawers, but they also serve a practical purpose. They’re one of the few fixtures in the house that we actually use on a daily basis! As a result, the appearance, feel, and precise functionality are all significant and can offer design and functional value to your home (or detract from it).


door hardware & fitting accessories for all sliding and hinged doors
Door hardware

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The major types of door fittings:



  1. Door handles

To open or close the door or windows, use the handles. Handles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bow type, Lever handle, Door handle, Wardrobe handle, and so on.


  1. Door closers

A door closer is a spring-loaded mechanical arm door fitting that mechanically closes a door after it has been opened.


  1. Door locks

Padlocks, mortise locks, rim locks, cupboard locks, and lever handle locks remain just a few examples of door and window locks. Sliding doors for wardrobe and entrances also have beautiful fittings.


  1. Hinges

A hinge makes for a door fitting that allows the door to freely revolve along its axis. You can find numerous different types of hinges, including the ones listed below.


  1. Doorstopper

A doorstop (also known as a door stopper, doorstop, or door wedge) remains an object or device that holds a door open or closed or keeps a door from opening too far.


  1. Bolts

To offer security for the rooms, door or window bolts are employed.


Door fittings brand

Buy the best sliding, glass, wood, and metal door hardware fittings with us from the best brands.

  1. Hafele
  2. Ozone
  3. Godrej
  4. Hettich
  5. Dormakaba
  6. Raumplus
  7. Geze

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