Godrej Catus Connect digital lock

Godrej catus connect digital locks
Godrej catus connect digital door locks

The safety guardian of the nation since 1897, Godrej Locks is India’s leader in locking solutions. Godrej Locks aims to keep every Indian home safe, through relentless technological innovation and a comprehensive lock range. Godrej Locks now presents the Catus Connect, the advanced internet-connected lock, with built-in Wi-Fi, which is the first connected lock created by Godrej Locks.

About the Product

To ensure that Indian homes and offices are protected by the very best of safety science, Godrej Locks has designed Catus Connect, the advanced internet-connected lock. The first connected lock created by Godrej Locks, Catus Connect combines cutting-edge digital safety technology with affordability, and gives you 5 modes of access: a mobile phone app, a passcode, fingerprint, an RFID card or a mechanical key for emergency opening.

Product Description

The Godrej Catus Connect, designed by Godrej Locks, embodies the fusion of advanced digital security and accessibility. Offering five diverse modes of access—via mobile app, passcode, fingerprint, RFID card, or mechanical key—the lock sets a new standard for convenience and safety. Beyond its multifaceted access options, Catus Connect presents additional user-friendly features. Granting trusted individuals access via a one-time password (OTP) adds an extra layer of convenience and security.

Moreover, the ability to generate time-limited passwords enhances control over access, reinforcing its adaptability to various scenarios. This innovative lock not only prioritises safety but also acknowledges the need for simplicity and flexibility in modern living. With Catus Connect, Godrej Locks is raising the bar for connected locks in India, offering unparalleled safety, convenience and peace of mind.

Godrej catus connect digital door locks
Godrej Catus Connect digital door locks seamlessly blend advanced technology and modern design for enhanced home protection

Key features of Godrej Catus Connect digital locks

The Catus Connect digital lock ensures smart and easy home safety management.

  • Mobile app access: You can open the Catus Connect lock from anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi, using the mobile app.
  • Time-limited password: A passcode (PIN) can be generated through the mobile app to access the lock for a limited time duration.
  • One Time Password: The Catus Connect also lets you give someone you trust a One Time Password or OTP that allows that person a single-time access to the lock. You can even schedule access for a specific time of the day.
  • Audit trail: To help you monitor the access into your home, the usage events of the lock are logged in the mobile app and can be retrieved whenever required.
  • 360-degree fingerprint recognition: The 360-degree usage feature means the sensor can recognise up to 99 registered fingerprints, at any angle of usage.
  • Pin code access: Register up to 99 unique PINs. Save passwords of 4 to 9 digits for enhanced password strength.
  • RFID card access: Register up to 99 cards for multiple-user access.
  • Mechanical key access: In case of an emergency, the lock can be opened with the mechanical key.
  • Privacy function: This ensures that, once the privacy button is turned on, the lock cannot be opened from the outside, thus protecting your privacy.
  • Alarms: The lock stops functioning for 3 minutes after 3 failed attempts and generates a series of alarms.
  • Adjustable Spy Code: This feature lets you add random numbers before or after the password while typing in the passcode in the presence of strangers, thereby maintaining secrecy.
  • Low battery indication: A beep sound alerts you in advance, with LED indication, to replace the battery.
  • Multi-level volume control: Adjust the volume as you desire. The mute function also allows for silent usage.
  • Emergency micro USB: An external power bank can be used for emergency power supply in case the battery is completely discharged.

Product specifications

  1. Suitable for Wooden doors (Main doors / Interconnecting doors) in residential & commercial complexes.
  2. Also suitable for Left or Right / Inside or Outside opening door.
  3. Door thickness: 35mm – 65mm
  4. Backset – 50mm
  5. Built-in wifi
  6. 3 years warranty
  7. Free Installation

The Catus Connect lock blends cutting-edge digital safety technology with accessibility through five modes: mobile app, passcode, fingerprint, RFID card, and mechanical key for emergency opening, thus setting a new standard in safety and convenience. Its diverse access options, including one-time passwords (OTPs) for trusted guests and time-limited codes, ensure heightened safety and adaptability. Truly, the Catus Connect digital lock delivers unmatched ease of use and peace of mind.

Contact Details:

  • Toll-Free Number: 1800 209 5511
  • WhatsApp Number: 9321665511
  • Email: locksmkt@godrej.com

Brand Info

Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems

At Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems, we create innovative, path-breaking and high-quality solutions for modern living. Our finely crafted products, including locking solutions, kitchen storage, and architectural hardware, result from meticulous research, engineering expertise, and a profound understanding of evolving consumer preferences.


Godrej locks


As ‘safety guardians’ of the nation since 1897, Godrej Locks continues to be the leader in cutting-edge locking solutions. Through relentless technological innovation and a comprehensive range of locking solutions, Godrej Locks aims to ensure the safety of all Indian homes and businesses.


Godrej kitchen fittings


Godrej Kitchen Fittings and Systems, on the other hand, brings excellence to the arena of kitchen storage and hardware. With innovative and original designs, superior materials, and craftsmanship, this range of Godrej kitchen fittings solutions is the smart answer to the unique needs of all Indian kitchens. Moreover, it is designed to meet the preferences of people from all around the world.


Godrej furniture fittings comprises of wardrobe hinges and drawer channels


Godrej Architectural Fittings and Systems (AFS) champions quality and excellence in the field of architectural hardware and furniture fittings. Seamlessly blending functionality, durability and aesthetics, Godrej AFS offers full-spectrum solutions that straddle a wide range of applications, environments and styles. Our products hold fire-rated status and meet international quality standards like UL Rating, EN Rating, and CE certification.

Solutions remain exceptionally safe and robust, simple to install and run, and adaptable to meet the requirements of varied applications.


Product Range


  1. Main door locks
  2. Shutter and grill gate lock
  3. Furniture locks
  4. Bathroom locks
  5. Heavy-duty baggage locks
  6. Hotel Digital Locking Solution



  1. Furniture fittings
  2. Door controls
  3. Glass Hardware
  4. Door fittings



  1. Slim Ergo (Drawer System)
  2. SKIDO organizer
  3. Universal SKIDO organizer
  4. Super SKIDO organizer
  5. Lift up solution
  6. Basket
  7. Pullout
  8. Tall unit
  9. Pantry unit
  10. Corner solutions


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Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems – Company Contact Details:

  • Toll-Free Number: 1800 209 5511
  • WhatsApp Number: 9321665511
  • Email: Locksmkt@godrej.com


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