Laminate Flooring

A multi-layer synthetic flooring that has been bound together using a lamination process. They are suitable for Indian homes because it enhances the aesthetics of your home. It is easy to clean and maintenance-free. Contact us for the wood laminate flooring price and know are they waterproof. Because it is easy to install in homes and not so hard material to cut. And the wastage is very less compared to other types of laminate floor. It works well for any home as it is not as solid as granite, marble or tiles.

Laminate flooring tiles aren't waterproof. Wood laminate flooring price is available at Nitco, Pergo etc.
Flooring in Lamination

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Types of Laminate flooring

The types vary based on installation, material, texture, floor construction, pattern and colour.

  1. Glue-less
  2. Glued
  3. Pre-glued
  4. Underlayment attached
  5. Laminate flooring wood
  6. Plastic
  7. Stone
  8. Tile
  9. Smooth
  10. Embossed
  11. Hand-scraped
  12.  High-pressure laminate
  13. Direct pressure laminate
  14. Based on gloss level
  15. Traditional floorboard planks
  16. Thin strip
  17. Wide plank floorboards
  18. Herringbone and chevron pattern


Are laminate flooring waterproof?

No, Laminate flooring is not waterproof. There is a misconception about this everywhere because the inner core of this flooring is made up of wood. But, just observes the moisture. Whereas in vinyl or loose lay or hybrid having the inner core is made up of plastic or limestone that is waterproof.


Reasons for its popularity

  1. It looks like real hardwood
  2. Can be installed quickly
  3. On the health side, It avoids dust and allergens settling down.
  4. Easy to clean and maintenance-free
  5. Laminate flooring price is affordable
  6. Do not dent or stain easily
  7. Looks appealing in the houses
  8. It naturally brings out the look of wood, stone and other materials.
  9. It is very comfortable and convenient to use


Popular floor brands in India

  1. Kajaria
  2. Somany
  3. H&R Johnson
  4. Nitco
  5. Pergo

Laminate flooring is a very popular type in India because of its quick installation and less maintenance. The cost is comparatively lower than other floorings. Let’s help you select long-lasting flooring from the above-mentioned famous brands. So, Call us now!

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