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Plumbing fittings will need various types of fixtures for different purposes and functions. It is used to connect multiple pipes of the same or different diameters. This will help measure or stop the flow and combine many pipes of the same or different sizes. Commonly PVC pipe fittings are used in bathrooms. Plumbing is an umbrella term that consists of all types of fittings. The pipe fitting chart includes the pipe size, inside and outside diameters. Different components can be connected using couplings, and stop the flow using caps. The piping work in homes uses different types of fittings like tees, elbows, reducers, adapters etc.


PVC pipe fitting charts with different types for bathroom
Types of pipes

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Pipe fitting types

1. Adaptor

Different sized pipes can be connected using an adapter and they have male and female ends. Male has threads on outside and female has inside.

2. Nipple

The most popular pipe fitting is used to connect pipes to appliances and two straight pipe runs.

3. Union

It is made up of three parts namely nut, female end and male end. It can be used to connect two pipes without being detached or deformed that making it install easily.

4. Barb

One end has a male and ridged cone at another end. The barb pipe fitting is designed to support the inside of the tube and seal the connection.

5. Coupling

Used to connect two pipes of the same sizes and diameters.

6. Cross

A four-way fitting with a combination of two tees. Cross consists of one inlet and three outlets these have female ends. They can stress pipes as the temperature increases.

7. Tees

A three-way fitting. They look like short pipes with a 90-degree branch at the Centre.

8. Wyes

It looks like the letter ‘Y’. Usually used in drainage fittings and have a 45-degree branch.

9. Flanges pipe fitting

A round fitting with threaded or welded in the Centre and sealed together. They have holes outside that are used for bolts. Industries use more flanges in their applications.

10. Elbow Pipe fittings

Mainly used for changing flow direction. Usually made in 45 or 90-degree angles.

11. Caps

Used to cover the end of an open pipe and liquid and gas-tight. The cap can be attached to the inside of the pipe.

12. Plugs

They act as caps and are used to fit inside of the pipe. Material range: ABS, copper, brass and stainless steel.

13. Bushings

They look like little screws. A main function of the bushing is reducing fitting to a small pipe. PVC pipe fitting for the bathroom is commonly used.

14. Valve

Used to regulate the flow of gas or liquid. Also called check valves as they allow the water in one direction.

15. Reducer

It reduces the flow and comes in two types: concentric and eccentric.


Popular pipe fitting brands in India

  1. Zoloto
  2. Geberit
  3. Viega
  4. Supreme
  5. Astral
  6. Aashirwad

Pipes are available in a range of materials like PVC, brass, stainless steel, cast iron, chrome-plated brass, ABS, bronze etc. Also, there are pipe fitting charts with various specifications for each type. Call us now to buy the best fitting for your homes.

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