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Plumbing fittings types are the important pieces used to join separate pipes and sections of tubing together. Plumbing tools come in different types, shapes and sizes based on connection and materials. The bathroom’s plumbing fittings can be constructed using aluminium, brass, steel or copper. Cast iron bell and spigot pipe, a plumbing pipe fitting is very popular.


Plumbing fitting pipes are of various types available with for bathrooms. The tools of plumbing fitting are important.
Types of fittings

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Plumbing Fittings types

  1. Adapter
  2. Barb
  3. Coupling
  4. Cross
  5. Double tapped bushing
  6. Elbow
  7. Mechanical sleeve
  8. Nipple
  9. Reducer
  10. Tee


How to choose the right plumbing pipes?

1. PVC plumbing fittings 

It is used for cold and hot water as well as sewage connections. Plastic pipes with specifications like NSF-PW or NSF-61 for portable water flow. The sizes also vary according to the pressure.

2. Choose pipes that are easy to install

Select lightweight pipes that are easy to install. Elevated buildings have pipes of the size 0.75 inches and can supply water with proper pressure to all the floors. For equal distribution of water through pipes pressure released valve is used.

3. Stainless steel plumbing fitting

They look great but are expensive Use stainless steel in areas subject to corrosion and in coastal areas. Both rigid and flexible types of pipes are available under this and an extra coupling is required to attach the pipes.

4. Corrosion-resistant and durable

Low-quality pipes corrode easily and impact the flow of water. PVC, CPVC, UPVC, PEX plumbing pipes are corrosion and chemical resistant. Plumbing fittings for bathrooms definitely need corrosion-resistant pipings.

5. Galvanized piping

It is usually used at residences for many years. In small pipes, rust may appear and if the pipes are old water leakage and traces of rust from the faucet can be seen. So use galvanized pipes in transporting grey or non-portable water.


Plumbing tools

  1. Pipe wrench
  2. Basin wrench
  3. Adjustable wrench
  4. Faucet key
  5. Hacksaw
  6. Tube and plastic pipe cutters
  7. Plumber’s torch
  8. Thread sealing pipe
  9. Pliers
  10. Press fitting system
  11. Plungers
  12. Hand auger
  13. Snake machine
  14. Goggles
  15. Gloves
  16. Heat pads
  17. Crimpers
  18. Borescope
  19. PEX plumbing pipe
  20. Stubby screwdriver


Plumbing fittings brands in India

  1. Zoloto
  2. Geberit
  3. Viega
  4. Supreme
  5. Astral
  6. Ashirvad

There are many types of pipe fitting done in plumbing. Choosing the right plumbing fittings material and type that is very important and depends on the work where it is used. We will guide you to select the right fittings for your home. Call us now!

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