A valve is a device that aid to open, close or partially blocking numerous gates to regulate or control the flow of water. They are a kind of fitting and considered within the plumbing system. There are different types and functions of valve taps. The water moves from higher to lower pressure through an open gate. The valve has many uses in areas like irrigation, industry, residential and valve taps in homes.

They are electromechanical devices that are used to regulate the flow of fluids. Few are designed for an on-off mechanism while others allow small passage of water.

valve taps with different types and functions are available to open or close the valve gate.
Gate type

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Valve types

1. Gate valve

A linear motion is used to start or stop the water flow. They are either fully open or in a closed position. It is used in almost all water services.

2. Globe

It can start, stop or regulate the flow of fluid. To control leakage and flow of water this type is very necessary. It is again divided into Y, Z and angle types.

3. Check

It stops the backflow and in case of reverse flow, the valve gets closed. The subtypes are swing, lift, dual plate and stop check.

4. Plug

A tapered or cylindrical plug is used to start or stop the flow. It provides a bubble-tight shutoff. Applicable for high pressures and temperatures.

5. Ball

It uses a ball-shaped disk to start or stop the flow. It is smaller and lighter.

6. Butterfly

The valve functions to start or stop or control the flow. It can be used in larger applications.

7. Needle

A sharp needle-like disc is present that is suitable for small pipes.

8. Pinch

A linear motion plumbing valve that uses a rubber tube and a pinch mechanism to regulate the flow.

9. Pressure relief

It protects the piping equipment. It releases pressure or vacuum at a set pressure.

10. Solenoid

It is electrically energized and shuts off or allow the flow of fluid.

Valves function

  1. Starting or stopping the fluid flow
  2. In the piping system, it modulates the flow
  3. In the piping system, it controls the flow of water
  4. It restrains the flow rate within the piping
  5. It ensures safety by releasing the pressure or vacuum in pipes

Popular valves brand in India

  1. Zoloto
  2. Geberit
  3. Viega
  4. Supreme
  5. Astral
  6. Aashirwad

Valves are basically used in regulating the flow of fluid. It has many functions and important part of the plumbing system. The pressure is maintained within the pipings to control the flow of water. It also relieves vacuum when necessary.

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