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The pandemic brought the world to a standstill and back to where everybody belongs – at home. Naturally, we are spending most of the time at home so we need to jazz up our homes to break the monotony. This can be achieved in style by upgrading the flooring and roofing with ceramic tiles from top brands that complement the vibe of your place. When it comes to the choice of tiles, ceramic tiles top charts for all sites from the bathrooms to kitchens, from walls to floors. Ceramic tiles are the most versatile, adaptable, price-effective solution for your homes.

Various designs, types, finishes, and sizes flood the market to provide you with a unique look for your homes and offices. Choosing the right kind of tiles for your adobe can be a confusing task, but we got you. Here is a quick guide you must follow to buy best suited ceramic tiles for your place.


Ceramic tiles for flooring and roofing for bathrooms, kitchen and rooms at best price from top brands.
Luxurious tiles to make your home fabulous!

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Types of Ceramic tiles

Glazed Tiles 

These are made with glass-forming minerals and ceramic stain, they offer better stain and moisture resistance thus a great choice for bathrooms and kitchen.

Unglazed Tiles 

These are made dense and rough on the surface and provide for better slip resistance perfect for home exterior flooring.

Porcelain Tiles 

These are the strongest and non-porous ceramic tiles best for flooring, roofing and walls. They are highly scratch-resistant and come in gloss and matte finish to give that edge to your rooms.



One of the most important things to consider while purchasing tile is by determining the size of the room. Incorporating a larger size tile in a smaller room will visually increase the size of the space and give a cleaner look. Using tiles of smaller size that make the floor seem busy, depending on the size of the space and scale of the floor. Thus, tiles are to be carefully selected to attain the desired look.


Why choose Ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles are the solution for those who crave luxury but in budget. These are a cheaper option for a natural stone which is rather expensive. Ceramic and porcelain manufacturers have designed tiles to offer textures and patterns that match the natural stones.

Another plus is the versatility, suitable for both interior and exterior. Anti-skid, matte finish tiles are best for your patios and walkways. Also, these can create the perfect poolside space as they are low water-absorbent and frost-resistant too.

The scope with ceramic tiles is unbelievable. You can customise them with decoratives, mosaics and intricate designs which unlocks its application as wall tiles.



These brands are top manufacturers that offer the best quality ceramic tiles that are durable and price-effective.

  1. Kajaria
  2. Armstrong Flooring
  3. Bajaj Tiles
  4. Cera Sanitaryware
  5. NITCO 
  6. Orient Bell
  7. H&R Jhonson
  8. PERGO
  9. Somany 
  10. Villeroy and Boch

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