The building or renovating our homes is not an easy task. It needs years and months of planning, vision, and savings to turn out just how you visualized it. Unlike clothes and gadgets, we can’t keep changing our homes every other day. But the next best thing we can do is renovate or upgrade them to reflect our style. Your vision for a dream house with a perfect kitchen, floors, and walls can be achieved with that suit your aesthetics and last you for a long time. Here is a guide for you to find everything you need to know from designs to the best material suitable for your requirements of at wholesale price.

Tiling, whether for flooring or decorations, can be a relatively cost-effective solution. When it comes to selecting everything depends on your taste and preference. You may select those with a glossy or matte finish in various material options from natural stones like granite, marble, cement, wooden and ceramic that are easy to install, low of maintenance, and also pocket friendly.


Tiles for bathrooms, kitchen flooring and roofing at lowest price from best brands.
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Types of

We can broadly categories the different types into two categories for our convenience, first on basis of site and second on basis of material and style.

On basis of site

These come in various material bodies such as vitrified, ceramic, porcelain. Wooden and 3D are some of the popular categories when it comes to tiling. Buyers should choose anti-skid , absorb less water, are durable, and are scratch-resistant.

Ceramic are the most suited and most preferred when it comes to bathrooms and walls glazed, polished and glossy ceramic ones are the way to go. Various brands offer 3D, highlight, and germ-free qualities in all sizes to make your walls fabulous.

  • Bathroom

    are available in different materials such as vitrified body, ceramic and full-body. Choose the backsplash, anti-skid type for the from the wide range of latest designs provided by brands listed below.

  • These come with backsplash qualities to keep your germ and grease-free. A variety of material types porcelain, ceramic, the stone is available, select the ones best suited to your ambience to give it a timeless style.

  • Living

    These are usually made up of double-charged vitrified, wooden,  and porcelain materials, all of which are known for providing durability to tiles. Purchase them to amplify your ’s charm.

On basis of material and style

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Marble 
  • Granite
  • 3D style
  • Glass
  • Cement
  • Mosaic
  • Wooden
  • Natural stole

Best brands for in India

You can get varied choices in terms of size, design, colour, material, and finish from the leading manufactures that guarantee insane durability and style with pocket-friendly rates.

  1. Kajaria Ceramics
  2. Armstrong Flooring
  3. Bajaj
  4. Cera Sanitaryware
  5. NITCO
  6. Orient Bell
  7. H&R Jhonson
  8. PERGO
  9. Somany 
  10. Villeroy and Boch

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