Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles contain silica & clay Vs ceramic tiles that contain clay and water. During the vitrification process clay and silica, melt to combine together to form a glass-like element. This allows vitrified tile design to retain its texture and makes the flooring look attractive. Vitrified tiles are available at different prices, types, patterns, shapes and colours making them a feasible alternative to granite or marble. They are a little expensive than ceramic tiles.

Vitrified tile flooring with various designs and prices are compared with ceramic tiles
Floor tiles

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1. Full Body

They have the same colour throughout the body. Vitrified tile flooring looks as aesthetic as the tile when cut to place on the junction; the borders of tile have the same colour. This makes it advantageous to use them in high traffic places. Scratches are noticed as rare and easy to clean.

2. Double charge vitrified flooring

Nowadays this type of tile is used more. They are fed with two colours that prints double layered pattern. More durable but not available in limited designs. Little maintenance with strain resistance is an added advantage.

3. Glazed

Popularly known as GVT and has a glazed surface. This kind of surface allows vitrified tiles with more designs and patterns. They come in glossy, matt, wooden, rustic finishes.

4. Polished Glazed

This is similar to the glazed tile but with a polished surface. And polished glazed vitrified tiles (PGVT) price is more compared to GVT.

5. Soluble salt

The screen printing technology with a polished surface is soluble salt tiles. This is rarely selected as the colour fades after a few years.

Vitrified Vs Ceramic tile 

Contains clay and silica Clay and water as its composition
Artificial look Natural look
Smooth and glossy texture Rough and external glossy
More durable Less durable
Nonporous and suits for wet areas Porous and absorbs water quickly
High resistance to scratches, the colour even after the scratches remain the same Less resistant to scratches thus colour changes over a period of time
Little or no maintenance More maintenance

Popular brands in India

  1. Kajaria
  2. Somani
  3. H&R Johnson
  4. Nitco
  5. Pergo

Vitrified tile provides trendy floor tile designs to your home. They are available in a variety of textures and colours so can be used in gardens, balconies and other settings. Call us now for vitrified tiles price from reputed brands.

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