Linea Planter by Sereno


This rectangular long, narrow plant pots can create environments and segment others, like a green divider. A modern twist to a rectangle with curve edges, these three-dimensional planters are versatile and blend easily in most surroundings. Use them in a row or in a combination of different heights to create your unique space.


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Linea 6040:

  • L1 (Top Length)- 60 cm
  • L2 (Bottom Length)- 52 cm
  • H (Overall Height)- 40 cm

Linea 9060:

  • L1 (Top Length)- 90 cm
  • L2 (Bottom Length)- 78 cm
  • H (Overall Height)- 60 cm

Linea 9040:

  • L1 (Top Length)- 90 cm
  • L2 (Bottom Length)- 80 cm
  • H (Overall Height)- 40 cm


  • L1 (Top Length)- 120 cm
  • L2 (Bottom Length)- 1040 cm
  • H (Overall Height)- 90 cm


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