Sereno Piero Seating with LED Light


Piero means “stone”. Designed with great detail and used as seating, this product is simply beautiful in all its forms – solid colours, marble textures or self-illuminated. Spread Piero around courtyards, gardens, terraces – wherever you want casual seating. It has no sharp edges and is very comfortable to sit on. When you think of garden furniture, think Sereno. A good garden seating is something everybody appreciates. Use it as a stool or a table. It looks stunning when illuminated.

Designed to deliver comfort along with durability, this modern patio furniture emerges out as an excellent seating element for your home. Not only garden, you can also use it as durable poolside furniture. No wires or cords, just pick them up and place them anywhere you like. With an inbuilt battery which lasts upto 8 hours these seaters will transform your space. Available in many colours and textures ranging from solid pastel tones to stone finishes. Also available with an RF controlled RGB light wherein you can change the colours from a sleek remote in the palm of your hand.


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Input- 100-300V

Operation Voltage- 13.2 V

Current- 1200mA

Battery- 11.1V, 2600mAh, Li-lon

Current- 0.06A

Watts- 1.08

Operating Temp.:  -30 deg ~ 85 deg C



  • Length- 65 cm
  • Width- 50 cm
  • Height- 40 cm
  • Allowed Weight- 100 Kg


  • Length- 10 cm
  • Width- 50 cm
  • Height- 40 cm
  • Allowed Weight- 175 Kg


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