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For many types of users, the Palace 80 may very well be the ultimate solution for creating more space and flexibility. This movable wall with a panel thickness of only 80 mm will guarantee optional ease of operation with only the slightest loss of space. The favourable cost aspect also makes it an excellent alternative.

About the Product 

Palace 80 proves that a slim construction does not affect stability and sound insulation. The trolleys of this wall are suspended on metal bearers running horizontally through the panel. The result is a self-supporting structure.

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Hafele Movable Partition Walls - Palace 80 | Door hardware

Hafele Movable Partition Walls - Palace 80 | Door hardware

Hafele brings to you its range of Movable sliding Walls systems from Parthos, Netherlands, as a part of Hafele Hotel Assortme

Product Description

Palace 80 movable/moving aluminium partition walls are elegant and effective as they provide new dimension for small offices to big conference halls. Because they have distinguishing characters like stability and great sound insulation. The acoustic pressure sleeves and spindle mechanism keep the various panels securely between the floor and the track. So, there are varieties of slide palace walls like 80, 90, 110 S, Trans palace and President.


Hafele movable/moving partition walls for office or conference halls
Hafele movable wall

Image Source: HafeleIndia.com


Features Slido Palace 80 Movable partition Wall:

  • Standard version with covering profiles.
  • Very easy to operate due to light construction.
  • Moving walls have High- quality track and trolley system
  • Stable and self-supporting frame construction.
  • Enormous flexibity thanks to a broad range of panels

Specifications of moving walls

  • Panel Thickness- 80 mm
  • Material- Aluminium
  • Acoustic material for sound insulation and hot & cold transmission- Rockwool
  • Track type Hafele movable wall- 2C/2RC
  • Trolley type- FG2/CG2
  • MDF/HMR boards- 8/9 mm


If you are looking for great space and freedom, movable walls are the ideal solution. Because it provides excellent ease of operation with least or no space loss. So, it shows that Palace 80 walls do not compromise on stability.

So, Call us now to know more about Hafele Palace 80 movable aluminium partition wall for office, conference halls etc


Contact details 

  • M: +91-9967632127
  • Email: Support@buildingandinteriors.com

Brand Info


Hafele – the home improvement brand has its origins in Germany. It all started in 1923 as a specialty store for joinery needs in Aulendorf, Germany. Also, today, Hafele has subsidiaries all across the world, including one in India – one of the company’s top-performing markets. Thus, check out Hafele India products, appliances, and modular kitchen fittings along with the customer care number here.


hafele kitchen appliances and customer care number in India
Hafele kitchen


Hafele India

The Hafele Germany HQ wholly- owns the India subsidiary and offers products in the categories of:


Architectural Hardware

Hafele offers you fresh and unique trends in the shape of its holistic range of door hardware and accessories, which is backed by an established and worldwide known quality-with-functionality concept. Also, these advancements are backed by a solid service package. Thus, they include total help from the project’s selection phase through installation and after-sales care. For our customers, Häfele’s ‘functionality’ details the knowledge, convenience, and solution-based services.


Hafele Sanitising Station

Sensor-operated Sanitising Stations for Countertops, as well as Wall Mounted and Floor-Standing Stations (with/without Anti-bacterial Wipes and Bin) are available from Häfele’s Stay Healthy Range. It also features The Foot Pedal Sanitising Station, an easy-to-use, mechanically controlled type. Also, these Sanitising Stations enable cross-contamination prevention as well as protection against hazardous microorganisms and infectious viruses on surfaces.


Furniture Fittings

Hafele’s furniture fittings remain underpinned by years of research and up-to-date technical experience, including only the most current global trends and developments. Thus, Hafele presents to you our capable assortment of furniture fittings that comprehensively covers every requirement of any home. Häfele’s solution-based approach is backed up by a robust service package, with our experts on hand to assist and guide you through every stage of the process, from design and selection to installation and after-sales support.


Hafele Sliding Solutions

Systems for architectural applications (i.e. interior and external doors – be they wooden, glass, or profiled doors) and systems for furniture applications are the two primary types of sliding systems offered by Häfele (i.e. cabinets, wardrobes, and other such units).


Kitchen Fittings

Innovative storage solutions from Hafele help you organize your kitchen essentials the way you desire. Also, Hafele now has an organized room for anything you need in your kitchen, whether it’s big food products, cooking vessels, or even the day-to-day needs. Thus, make your kitchen a pleasure to use every day by combining these creative storage spaces with stylish and durable worktop surfaces.


Hafele Appliances

Two unique product lines matched to different market groups make up the Häfele Appliances range:

Häfele’s international line of luxury appliances: It includes world-renowned brands such as Asko (a Swedish designer range of cooking and cleaning appliances) and Falmec (A technologically advanced range of extraction hoods from Italy).
Hafele’s In-House Premium Appliances: Häfele’s in-house premium built-in, free-standing, and counter-top appliances remain designed with Indian cooking and cleaning patterns in mind while maintaining the company’s well-known German quality and innovation.



Hafele has grouped all goods for kitchen sink units and bathroom fittings under its Sanitary Solutions Range. Also, they remain in line with how the Indian industry works. Thus, typical sanitary merchants also sell sink units and faucets for kitchens.



The Loox range of light and lighting solutions from Häfele remains created and engineered with three main goals in mind:

  1. flexibility
  2. ease of use
  3. reliability.

Every light in our collection gives you the most versatility in application. Also, it remains simple to install, and comes with the ‘German Quality guarantee. Furthermore, Loox lighting fixtures and fittings were designed with modularity at the heart of all design. Thus, they offer you the freedom to plan your lighting requirements within your homes or interior spaces with simplicity.



Website: https://www.hafeleindia.com/en/

Hafele India Customer Care Number: +91 1800 266 6667


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