Philips UrbanSpark LED 6M All-in-One Solar Post Top Lantern

Philips UrbanSpark LED 6M All-In-One Solar Post Top Lantern

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Integrated solar post top lantern with Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery, vertically mounted mono-crystalline solar panel and MPPT charger. Extruded aluminium construction for sturdiness and long life. Choice of street light and post top optics and pole height of 4 & 6 meters.

Charger and battery accommodated inside the pole and accessible through service hatch for ease of maintenance. Vertically mounted panels on all four sides to catch sunlight throughout the day. IP-68 battery to prevent damage in case of water logging.



  • Brings light to areas without access to electric grid
  • Elegant design
  • Preserves landscape as no trenching for cabling required
  • Saves energy
  • Environment friendly
  • Replaceable IP-68 Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery for long life and hassle free operations
  • Sturdy aluminium alloy construction for sturdiness and long life
  • MPPT charge controller for maximum efficiency
  • Factory set dimming profile for run time maximization


Product Description


  • Applications- Cities, Office campuses, Parks, Residential Societies, Heritage Roads
  • Panel type- Mono crystalline
  • Panel voltage- 18 Vmp, 23 Voc V
  • Panel peak wattage- 360 W
  • Housing Material- Aluminum Alloy
  • Overall length- 172 mm
  • Overall width- 172 mm
  • Overall height- 4000 mm
  • Color- RAL 7043
  • Ambient temperature range- 0 to +35 °C
  • Net Weight (Piece)- 88.000 kg
  • Full Product Code- 000911401800502


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