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Orinoco is the perfect solution for people using trolleys and shopping carts. And its unique wide pallets mean more passengers travel in greater comfort. With configurations ranging from light to rugged, Orinoco is always streamlined, ergonomic and technically sophisticated. With its impressive versatility, you can count on Thyssenkrupp  Orinoco moving walk to meet your every need. Its versatility includes an extended travel distance, convenient pallet width, inclined and horizontal configurations as well as indoor and outdoor traffic and commercial applications. With Orinoco, you’ll always find just the right configuration for your project.


Key Benefits:

  • Increased connectivity- With Orinoco, you cover longer distances. Travelling up to 200 metres, Orinoco improves mobility and connections in airports and metro stations worldwide.
  • Greater comfort and more capacity.- At airports and other crowded public spaces, Orinoco’s unique 1,600-millimetre-wide pallets raise the bar on safety, comfort and capacity
  • Seamless safety- Its 405-millimetre-long pallets reduce pallet gaps, enhancing safety and providing a seamless look.
  • Spatially efficient- Combining upper and lower horizontal runs creates the perfect configuration to maximise both comfort and the use of space. Orinoco’s compact truss also saves space.


Product Description


  • Max length/ Rise (metres)- 200/ 9
  • Max capacity (people/hour)- 8,200
  • Inclination (degrees)- 0-6 / 10/ 12°
  • Configuration- Pit
  • Application- Commercial, Traffic
  • Step chain roller- Inside
  • Location handrail drive- Truss
  • Handrail shape- U-shape/ V-shape
  • Climate conditions- Indoor/ Outdoor
  • Nominal step width (millimeters)- 800/ 1,000/ 1,200/ 1,400/ 1,600
  • Speed (metres/second)- 0.5 , 0.65, 0.75
  • Version of upper and lower part- Short/ Short, Long/ Short , Long/ Long
  • Balustrade- Slim, Robust , Metal, Sandwich
  • Aesthetic lights- Balustrade, Skirt, Truss, Ambient cladding, Soffit cladding
  • Traffic lights- Floor plate, Decking, Newel, Column
  • Safety lights- Step gap, Comb plate
  • Drive unit- Chain drive, Direct drive
  • Possible energy efficiency class- A+++

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