Hafele Loox LED Lighting System-Strip lighting

Hafele loox LED lighting system strip lighting
Hafele loox LED lighting system strip lighting

Consider the common spots in your home where the light shines. Fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom! Ceiling fans are an excellent choice. Consider all of the other areas of your home that could benefit from the addition of light. The Loox LED Strip Lighting System from Hafele lights shines everywhere, such as home ceilings, cabinets, under-cabinet, etc. Under-cabinet lighting for both dry and moist areas, in-drawer and cabinet lighting, closet fixtures and cubbies, and built-in furniture are some of the applications for Hafele’s Loox LED lighting system.



Strip & recessed lighting for cabinets, under cabinets, and home LED ceiling
Recessed under-cabinet lighting

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Hafele Loox LED Strip Lighting System

Loox isn’t a light bulb, a clunky gimmick, or a strange, half-baked gadget. This is an exceptionally clever, modular LED lighting system. It adjusts flawlessly to both design and necessity—and in virtually any interior situation. A “plug and play” driver system simplifies installation by allowing for a wide range of positioning, switching control, and customized functionality.

From 6mm thick bright flat lights to bedside gooseneck reading lights with two built-in 1 A USB chargers, we have it all. Loox strip lights come in a number of colour temperatures. You can attach it with 3M backing tape or house it in a variety of extrusions for a sleek, finished appearance. You can cut the Strip lights to fit almost any location. Thus, it allows light to reach all of those gloomy nooks you may have previously dismissed as unseeable.

Loox puck lights can be installed on the surface or in the recess, and they come in a variety of finishes and trim options to match your decor.

The illumination selection is almost as diverse as the switching possibilities. Hafele’s Loox system includes remote control switching, single-stage motion detection switches, dual-stage motion detection, and body heat-activated switches. It also includes capacitive switches that you can turn on or dim with the wave of a hand. In addition to that, you can also operate it using a mechanical push button and door-activated switches.
For flexible installation, our LED technology effectively incorporates a range of power methods. In comparison to many other existing alternatives on the market, LED lights for home ceilings emit low heat and save energy. As a result, you can obtain light precisely where you need it while still saving money.

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