Blutherm is redefining the HVAC industry in India with innovative and sustainable solutions: Rajesh Sachdev

Rajesh Sachdev
Rajesh Sachdev

Blutherm, a leading provider of innovative heating and ventilation systems, and water filtration solutions in the HVAC industry in India, is rapidly expanding its presence in India. With a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, Blutherm offers cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize heating and ventilation solutions. Their advanced systems provide precise temperature control and superior air quality. Additionally, they offer reliable water filtration while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact. As Blutherm continues to establish its footprint across India, it aims to meet the growing demand for efficient and eco-friendly solutions in the water heating, ventilation, and water filtration sectors. In an exclusive interview with BuildingandInteriors, Rajesh Sachdev, Director, Blutherm Comfort Solutions, sheds light on Blutherm’s significant role in proliferating the presence and highlighting the advantages of these cutting-edge solutions across the country.


Rajesh Sachdev, Director of Blutherm Comfort Solutions, India
Rajesh Sachdev, Director, Blutherm Comfort Solutions


B&I: Tell us about the categories you are present in and the brands you represent in India – Clage, Helios, Vortice, Claro, and Rinnai.  


Clage DFX water heating sysytem, a HVAC solution
Clage DFX Next electronic tankless water heater for your washroom and kitchen


RS: Blutherm is a prominent player in the HVAC industry in India, operating across three key verticals: water heating, ventilation, and water filtration/purification solutions. In the water heating segment, we proudly represent two renowned companies: Clage, a leading German manufacturer of electronic tankless water heaters, and Rinnai, a reputable Japanese company specializing in gas-based tankless water heaters. When it comes to ventilation, we partner with Helios, a 100-year-old German company with a comprehensive range of ventilation products. In addition, we represent Vortice, an Italian company known for its high-quality ventilation solutions. Lastly, for water filtration and purification, we represent Claro Swiss, a Swiss company focusing on drinking water purification and sediment filtration.


B&I: What are the unique advantages that each of these brands offer?

RS: Blutherm, along with the brands we represent in the HVAC industry in India, prioritizes offering unique advantages and tailored solutions to our customers. Energy efficiency, consumption reduction, and hygiene enhancement are at the forefront of our solution offerings. For example, both Clage and Rinnai specialize in tankless water heating solutions. By eliminating the need for storing hot water, these systems conserve energy and offer a hygienic way of using water. They also feature advanced electronic capabilities, allowing them to dynamically adapt their energy consumption based on users’ needs throughout the year. Our ventilation brands, Helios and Vortice, encompass a wide range of products that cater to diverse requirements, ensuring fresh and clean air in various environments.


B&I: Each brand that you have at Blutherm is important in building materials environment, be it ventilation, water heating or water purification. What are your plans with these brands reference their national availability?

RS: Each brand we represent is unique in its offerings, but they may face infrastructure challenges. For example, gas availability is crucial for brands like Rinnai, as using LPG cylinders may not be convenient for customers. In such cases, a reliable pipeline gas supply is necessary. Similarly, some brands require a robust electrical infrastructure due to their high-energy demand. As for ventilation, the need for fresh air and a hygienic environment is crucial in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, where pollution levels are high. Our plan is to ensure these brands are available across the country, taking into consideration the necessary infrastructure requirements.


B&I: Architects and consultants play an important role in the HVAC industry in India. What is your message for the influencer community?

RS: Architects and consultants play a vital role in guiding customers toward the right products. Our brands come from Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, offering technologically advanced and efficient solutions. As these products may be new to customers, architects and designers can provide reassurance and expert advice on the long-term benefits. They help customers navigate through various options and select products that suit their specific needs. Furthermore, architects and designers play a crucial role in ensuring the necessary infrastructure is in place to accommodate these advanced products.


B&I: Would you like to shed some light on the after-sales network for the solutions that you offer in the HVAC industry? What are the warranties like?

RS: Across categories, the products we offer are robust and reliable, but occasional breakdowns may occur due to maintenance challenges. We provide a two-year warranty for residential use and a one-year warranty for commercial use on our products. Warranty services are offered through our channel partners in each city, and we also have our own service engineers who provide warranty support.



B&I: Are you looking at dealership expansion? What are the areas you are actively looking at for channel partners across India?

RS: Yes, we are actively looking to expand our dealership network across the HVAC industry in India. Our goal is to ensure our products reach every corner of the country. If there are any infrastructural challenges in a particular region, we aim to have alternative solutions available to overcome those challenges and cater to the needs of customers nationwide.

We are actively looking at various areas across India for channel partners. For example, we are seeking channel partners in Kolkata, Gurgaon, Punjab, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and other regions. Our product range includes ventilation, water heating, and water filtration/purification, all of which complement each other. We have conducted extensive research on these products before offering them to Indian customers, ensuring their compatibility and quality.


B&I: Ventilation systems are a very important area in big cities across India. What are your plans in this category of building solutions? Do you offer both centralized and standalone ventilation systems?


Helios Ventilation system, a HVAC brand for heating solution
Helios offers both centralized and standalone ventilation systems


RS: In the category of ventilation systems, our plans involve providing ventilation with an energy recovery system. We recognize the need for fresh air systems in homes, especially as global warming and centralized air conditioning become more prevalent. Our products, offered by Helios, play a significant role in meeting this demand for fresher ventilation systems in homes without compromising the energy efficiency achieved through cooling. While we offer both centralized and standalone ventilation systems, fresh-air ventilation systems are typically centralized for residences. Treating individual rooms separately is not ideal, as the focus is on creating a unified shell for the entire residence.


B&I: Large institutions are an important audience for these solutions. How are you reaching out/plan to reach out to this segment of customers?


Rinnai water heating system
Rinnai specializes in gas-based tankless water heating systems


RS: Blutherm primarily focuses on addressing the water heating requirements of the hospitality segment within the commercial domain of the HVAC industry in India. Specifically, we address the water heating requirements of hotels. Many hotels still rely on outdated and inefficient centralized water heating systems that consume excessive energy and lack hygiene standards. We present them with an innovative solution using our electronic tankless water heaters. Instead of heating large volumes of water for unoccupied rooms, we recommend placing these heaters in each bathroom or room. This approach reduces energy waste and improves efficiency, making it a more sustainable choice.

While our main target is the residential sector, we believe this approach can benefit small commercial establishments as well. However, it’s important to note that our product comes with a higher cost compared to traditional water heating systems. Therefore, we do not anticipate widespread adoption in larger commercial settings, where factors such as return on investment and break-even periods are crucial considerations.


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