Aluminium or UPVC windows: Which one is right for your home?

Aluminium and UPVC are equally popular materials for windows as they are durable and stylish. Both aluminium and UPVC windows have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.


aluminium or upvc windows for the house
Different window types

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Aluminium Windows: Aluminium is a strong material. The aluminium sections are comparatively thinner than UPVC and require a higher ratio of glass. While these windows are durable and weatherproof, they cannot be used in coastal areas as aluminium can discolour due to oxidation. Aluminium windows are fully recyclable and are available in different styles and finishes.

UPVC Windows: These windows are durable and easy to maintain. They block out noise and provide thermal insulation. However, UPVC windows have a shorter life span compared to aluminium windows.


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