What is the best bathroom planner software?

Nowadays, no one designs a bathroom or remodels an old one using a ruler, pencil, and paper. Digital bathroom applications allow you to not only build your own unique design but also see every detail of it visually before you even begin the project. The ready-to-use bathroom concepts and built-in drafting tools in each of these design apps simplify the process of designing a bathroom or making changes to an existing one. To make your job easier we have listed the top 10 bathroom planner software.


virtual design of a bathroom using planner software
3D design of bathroom

Image Source: NexusCAD Design Software


The top 10 bathroom planner and home designer software in India are:

  1. Auto CAD
  2. Rhino 3D
  3. HomeStyler
  4. Dream Planner
  5. Planner 5D
  6. Revit
  7. SmartDraw
  8. Tile 3D Bathroom Design
  9. Foyr Neo
  10. Virtual Bathroom Planner/Room Styler


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