Hunter Douglas believes in customisation as an opportunity to create high-level of product and service differentiation: Mr.Anil Kumar Singh

customised blinds 6
customised blinds 6


Anil Kumar Singh - Hunter Douglas
                              Mr.Anil Kumar Singh                                          Executive Director Hunter Douglas India


In countries like India, where sunlight is abundant, sun-control solutions a.k.a window blinds assume great significance, especially in contemporary buildings. Ever since developing the first lightweight aluminium window blinds in 1946, Hunter Douglas has led the industry in creating top quality, highly innovative blinds and specialty curtains. Banking on customisation to create high-level of product and service differentiation, the company offers solutions to meet the local requirements in each of the 100 countries it operates in. The Architectural Products division of Hunter Douglas covers Metal Ceilings,  Metal Facades, Architectural Sun Control and Architectural Terracotta. in conversation with Mr.Anil Kumar Singh, Executive Director – Architectural Products, Hunter Douglas India.


B&I: How do you see the India market vis-à-vis the your other markets international? What are the challenges and opportunities in the Indian market?

AKS: Architectural products business in India is both evolving and growing at a decent rate as compared with other markets that you have mentioned. This is mainly on the back of the growth in commercial, infrastructural and transportation projects.

At Hunter Douglas, we see many opportunities in the Indian market. There’s high-quality  Architectural talent that exists in India (which balances the contemporary formats and energy-efficiency in buildings). As a result, we see an increasing integration of energy-efficient solutions in buildings. For us, over the past several years, this is driving transformation in sun control & façade business.

Indian market is quite unique and challenging as we aspire for global products at competitive prices. In 2019 Hunter Douglas has completed 100 years globally and 25 years of operations in India. Hunter Douglas has set up world class architectural products factory at Sricity, near Chennai to serve architectural fraternity and to support these market aspirations.


Hunter Douglas Facade Solutions
Parametric Perforated Screen Façade Metro Station, Nagpur


B&I: Do you have some India-specific solutions also? Talking about window blinds and related application solutions, are some of the solutions built around sunlight and temperature tolerance?

AKS: India being a tropical country, solar control products aim to achieve a right balance between energy efficiency, ventilation and privacy requirements. Our wide range of sun louvers and sun control products are able to meet not only the constantly evolving architectural requirements but also the functional needs in the buildings.

Our dual skin façade solutions such as Quadroclad® honeycomb panels, Sandwich® wall, NBK® Terracotta are ventilated façade aimed to achieve energy efficiency in buildings. Our Luxalon® metal ceilings business offers contemporary linear, modular and customised ceilings with closed or open type designs to meet unique architectural intent.

We offer a wide variety of finishes, ranging from plain colours, metallic to wood finishes – which are a good substitute to real wood.


Window Blinds - Hunter Douglas
Silhouette® Shades from Hunter Douglas


B&I: How do you see customisation in your range of solutions? What kind of value-add is usually required in customisation?

AKS: Customisation is essential to meet the unique architectural & functional intent of building. Hunter Douglas believes that customisation is an opportunity to create high level of product & service differentiation. We do this by providing unique shapes, sizes, perforations, colours, finishes, texture, fixing systems and coating systems. The customisation and product innovations are aimed at improving Aesthetics, Quality, Speed, Ease in installation and Maintenance. As a result, our products withstand varied weather conditions. Whereas we are actively involved in customised solutions business, most of the other manufacturers mostly push their standard modular products.


B&I: From window blinds to metal ceilings, how do you categorise your customers?

AKS: Our customers include Architects, Interior Designers, Façade Consultants, Interior & Exterior Contractors, and of course the end-customer. We operate in a niche market segment. As a result, the level of customisation we are able to offer is quite detailed. For us, focus is extremely important to succeed in our business as each customer has his own project briefs and requirements. Our teams work closely with these sets of customers and offer innovative products to make their projects innovative.



Window blinds and Sun Control - Hunter Douglas
Aerobrise 200 Sunlouvers at Atulya IT Park, Indore


B&I: Architectural solutions from Hunter Douglas – how does the execution flow from enquiry to delivery in projects and retail business?

AKS: The execution flow for projects business is different from that of our retail business. In projects business, our scope is limited to design, manufacture and supply. Installation can be done by authorised dealers, certified installers or by us (for large infra projects like Airports). For retail business, the primary focus is on residential & commercial buildings and we supply architectural products through our all India network of authorised dealers.


B&I: What services do you have for the Architects and Developers? How do you see these services evolve in a post-Covid19 world? What are the typical challenges when you work with Architects?

AKS: We work closely with architects and designers in the conceptual stage to understand the specific requirements of the project and suggest the most suitable solutions for their needs. Our sales consultants assist architects in suggesting right product, finish, texture, colours, fixing systems to meet the specific project requirements. We provide approval drawings, shop drawings, 3D views, provide samples, mock ups for approvals and understand objections if any from the stake holders of the project. The early involvement of sales or product consultants helps to choose the optimum solution, get approvals on time, understand transitions and interfaces etc. this provides clarity during execution phase.

Due to SARS CoV 2 pandemic situation, we are witnessing surge in enquires for antimicrobial ceilings especially in hospitals and commercial buildings.


Baffle Ceiling - Hunter Douglas
Luxalon® Radial Baffle Ceiling Metro Bhawan, Nagpur


B&I: Your window blinds (and sun control solutions in general), ceiling and cladding solutions must be dependent on installers. What are the typical challenges there and how do you support the project installation teams?

AKS: Our products are designed to ensure the quality and speed of installation at site. Our interior or exterior fixing systems are available in different modules. This reduces measuring, marking, drilling and cutting activities on site. Installers trained and certified for our products and systems and our dedicated project teams provide full-time or periodic supervision based on the complexity of the project.


B&I: How do you see Hunter Douglas in India over the next 2-3 years? What are the new product categories/new solutions the Architects and Developers can expect from you?

AKS: The development and upgradation of transport infrastructure in India will drive phenomenal growth over short term period for the Architectural products business. We expect Industrial, Commercial & IT Infrastructure will constantly grow year-on-year. Indian market has a high potential to become leading consumer of architectural products in South East Asia.

Hunter Douglas has endured for more than 100 years in business due to our focus on innovation in architectural products. We shall constantly strive to meet the constantly evolving needs of architectural fraternity.


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