Door Handles

The door handles are used to open or close the door. To create the best impression for your visitors, designer door handles can be selected. Improve the elegance of your main with quality and designer door handles with locks. Door handle prices change for different types like glass, brass, wooden and many more. The glass can be supported with fused glass handles.

They are used on a variety of like residential & commercial building doors, internal doors, closet et cetera. Depending on the intended usage, the door fittings come in various styles. Many residential & commercial main door handle with reasonable prices has incorporated door locks for security.


Buy door handles of different types like glass, brass, wood etc with locks for your rooms and main doors
Designer Door Fittings

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Types of the door handle

1. Lever Handles

The most popular type and usually used in private homes and public buildings.

Other types:

  • Traditional door handles with a backplate
  • Lever handles on roses. They can be operated with door locks.
  • linear levers
  • winged levers
  • curved levers
  • monkey tail levers

2. Pull handles

Passage use door pulls and is made used for that can be opened only through push and pull.

The subtypes:

  • Pull handles on rose
  • Pull handles on backplate
  • Back to back pull handles
  • Bolt through pull handles
  • Face fix handles

3. Doorknobs

Usually in a spherical shape and can be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise. An alternative for lever handles. Whereas to pull the main doors, a central doorknob can be used.

Other types:

  • Passage door knobs
  • Privacy door knobs
  • Dummy doorknobs
  • Keyed entry doorknobs

Materials used for the door handle

  1. Stainless steel- ideal for restaurants and commercial
  2. Bronze- durable and used for external
  3. Brass- Very soft material and can be made into different designer door fittings.
  4. Aluminium- cheap to produce and can be used for glass doorknobs.
  5. Nylon- a good choice for the designer door fittings as it gives nice colours to your house theme
  6. Wood- wooden handles can be used for our elegant main
  7. Porcelain- some levers and knobs have ceramic texture

How to choose the right door handle?

1. Style

One must take a good interest in selecting door knobs like any other design. Select doorknobs according to the theme of your house. The wardrobes must have suitable door fitting that matches their and colour.

2. handle

Either levers or knobs can be used for as per the usage and of your home. But usage of door levers is more comfortable especially in houses with children and senior citizens.

3. Function

Once the hardware is decided, the type of door fittings must be considered. For the closet, you may choose a lever or knobs. A non-turning lever can be used for decorative main door handles. For security purposes, choose door handles with locks.

4. Budget

Setting the budget is a very important part; the budget will give you an exact estimation of how much you can spend on door fittings. Do not choose less expensive doorknobs for the door which is used more frequently.

brands in India

  1. Dorset
  2. Godrej
  3. Dormakaba
  4. Ozone
  5. Hafele
  6. Hettich
  7. Ebco

Each and every component of the house is very important starting from the to its and all other components. Door handles of best prices and good quality must be chosen.

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