An air cooler is powered by a mechanism that uses electricity to create the flow of air. Ceiling fans are mounted on the ceiling of a room or space. They are powered by electricity and uses hub-mounted blades to circulate air. There are various types of air coolers used for different purposes for example exhaust fans in the kitchen or bathroom. The fans design with remote control is the best option to make your life easier and people also prefer fans with light that adds to the room aesthetics.

An air cooler is made up of spinning arrangements of blades that act on the air. These blades are usually made up of wood, plastic or metal. Air cooler is used to cool us and also become an important part of interior design.

Fans of various designs and types like ceiling, exhaust, table, wall and cooling are available with best prices. Fans with light are trending these days
Types of air cooler

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Small rooms have tiny and compact table fans. As they are lightweight can be placed on desks, counters or other steady surfaces.


They are stand air coolers that are tall and adjustable. It has an oscillation feature for the maximum distribution of air. This type of fan is suitable for bedrooms and ling areas.


The basic function is to suck in bad air and blow out fresh air. This type is meant for humid temperature regions.

Wall fan

They suit the places where there is a lack of space and also deliver powerful airflow. Garages, factories workshops have wall fans.


They have a lot of power and provide ventilation at ground level. And can be ideal for places where Air cooler cannot be mounted on walls or ceilings.



They are tall and slender. The fans design is as such they are confined to small areas. They do not make noise so are suitable for bedrooms.

Ceiling fans

A very common type of air cooler in homes that come with different types, colours and shapes, with varying prices. A ceiling fan with light looks beautiful to your rooms. Also, a fan with remote control has a low power consumption.


An adaptable as can be placed on the floor or open window. They continuously circulate fresh air.

Cooling fan

They blow cold air by producing a soothing breeze. They are suitable for outdoor spaces like sports fields, backyards et cetera.


They are strong and long-lasting and composed of high-quality metal or steel. This fan can be utilized for heat stratification, ventilation et cetera.

Exhaust fans

Any bad odour and excess moisture are released out from the exhaust fan. Because of more moisture in the bathroom that leads to mould formation and that can be cleared by this type of air cooler.

Whole house

They have been installed in the ceilings and a benefit of this air cooler is if you turn it on and open a window in your home, air circulates in the room.

Fan brand in India

  1. Crompton
  2. Havells
  3. Polycab
  4. Usha
  5. Orient
  6. Racold
  7. Jaquar
  8. AO Smith

Air cooler is usually used in sectors of air conditioning, ventilation and heating. The main function is to blow fresh air by leaving out stale air. Fans price, the place to fit, noise level and energy efficiency must be considered. For more information call us now!

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