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Do you have a hectic schedule that prevents you from doing domestic chores? Do you have a house help who isn’t very excellent at washing clothes? Washing machines do the work for you, eliminating the need for time-consuming hand washing and saving you time and effort while doing laundry. Washing appliances today come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of functionalities, thanks to technological advancements. They can be categorized as fully automatic or semi-automatic washing machines, with top-load and front-load being the most common. So, buy washing machines online from the best brands in India at the most competitive price here.


best washing machine brands in India- automatic type
Automatic washing appliance

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Types of washing machines

There are many different types of washing appliances, and it’s vital to know which one best meets your needs while shopping for one. So, here’s a quick reference guide to the numerous types of equipment available.


Fully Automatic Washing Machine

At the push of a button, these machines will fill themselves, run through the cycle, drain the water, and then spin to remove any excess moisture – all in the same drum. These are available in both front and top loading configurations.


Semi-Automatic washing machine

Unlike fully automatic machines, some portions of these machines must be done manually, such as filling the tub with water before starting the machine or moving the washed items into the drying tub if you have a twin-tub semi-automatic washing appliance.


Front Load Machine

A front load washer is a fully automatic washer that loads from the front. These machines often use less water and energy and produce better laundry outcomes than top-loading machines.


Top Load Washing Machine

Top-loading washer-dryers are available in both manual and fully automatic models. Clothes are put onto these machines from the top. Top-load washing appliances take up less room than front-load washing appliances, making them ideal for persons with limited space.


What to consider before buying a machine?

Capacity of loading

In comparison to a small family, a large family will require a machine with a higher load capacity, such as 8 kgs.


Settings for washing

The features you’re looking for in your washing machine are determined by your needs. Some machines have routines for different textiles, including wool or delicate clothing. You can also personalize and save the settings to meet your own requirements.


Cycle of spinning

This decides how gentle the machine is with your garments. The spin cycle, which is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm), is significant depending on the fabric and type of items you wish to wash.


Energy efficiency

It’s critical to select a machine that conserves energy and water, as this will save you money in the long term.


The best washing machine brands in India

  1. LG
  2. IFB
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Samsung
  5. Bosch
  6. Haier
  7. Godrej
  8. Hafele
  9. Lloyd
  10. Havells, etc.


Where to buy it?

Buy all types of washing machines such as automatic, semi-automatic, top load, etc. here from the best brands in India at the lowest price range.

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