Marble Flooring

It is a more stylish and popular type of flooring among Indian homes. It gives modern look to the rooms. Marble flooring tiles with various designs can be used for both interior and exterior spaces. There are different marble flooring colours like red, black, white mottled, grey, pink and green. Marble flooring price varies according to commercial and residential settings.

It brings a rich aura to the spaces. This is never out of style and blends perfectly with any kind of design or paintings but, cannot be used in the kitchen as it observes stains and in bathrooms it becomes slippery.

Marble flooring tiles with different designs and types are available at reasonable prices
Indoor layout with marble

Image Source: The marble doctor


Marble flooring types

  1. White
  2. Beige
  3. Moscato beige
  4. Yellow
  5. Green
  6. Blue
  7. Pink
  8. Brown
  9. Black
  10. Honed


Marble flooring designs

  1. It can be placed with beautiful borders like white marble with brown boundary
  2. There can be transitional boundaries made in the dining area
  3. A combination of rich varnishing
  4. Different patterns like veiny, stripes et cetera
  5. Bright coloured marble flooring tiles that suit indoor and outdoor
  6. Italian designs
  7. Dungri designs
  8. Can be made in 3d effect
  9. Classic white marble with black borders is the most common design
  10. A combination with granite


How to choose the right marble?

Must be easy to maintain

When buying a marble for your home, check how easy to maintain. Choose a smooth one for easy cleaning. It must be water and scratch-resistant.

Marble flooring price

Always select a high-quality marble at a reasonable price. Select a layout within your budget that matches your interior design ideas.

Effects on health

Few stones can bad and good for your health. So choose marble that does not affect your health, because marble dust affects your respiratory system.

Different types of marbles

A variety of marble flooring designs, tiles, textures and colours are available in the market. So, it enhances royal appearances for your home. And tiles with good textures are used to create a natural aesthetic with attraction.

Quality and durability matter

Select quality and strong textured layout for your homes. It must be strong and should retain for a long period of time.


Popular brands in India

  1. Kajaria
  2. Somani
  3. H&R Johnson
  4. Nitco
  5. Pergo

Marble flooring types are the most durable and exquisite material used in kitchens, worktops and floors. You can reach out to us for a proper selection and consider the above points before choosing the best marble material.


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