Nexion Travertine Marble


The Travertine collection conveys the deep flavor of the homonymous sedimentary rock, with a very porous consistency, used in ancient Rome to enrich monuments and private residences. Rediscovered in the following centuries, Travertine became symbol of Baroque architectural treasures that can still be admired today in Rome and in many other Italian cities. Thanks to its raw materials knowledge, and perfected the most advanced polishing techniques, Nexion devised a new deep and transparent surface reinterpreting the beauty of Travertine vein cut, a technique that has been used since ancient times to make veins visible. The result is a collection that attributes a contemporary personality to a stone of great prestige, a symbol of timeless beauty that keeps its charm intact over the centuries. A collection that brings the best inspiration of contemporary Italian design in every type of setting and context.


Product Description


Color- Veincut Beige

Thickness- 9 mm


  • 120×240 cm
  • 80×240 cm
  • 80×160 cm
  • 120×120 cm
  • 60×120 cm


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