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Heat pumps can function as both a cooling and heating system. In the refrigerator, the air uses electricity to move from the cool place to the warm place. The definition of a heat pump is a device used to warm the interiors of the building. Common types are air source, ground source, water source and exhaust air. The price of a heat pump water heater with COP of a higher number is available reasonably. 


Heat pump water heater with high COP is defined suitable for homes. heat pumps are available at reasonable prices.
Pumping device for home

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COP for heat pump

The efficiency is measured using the coefficient of Performance. If the COP is high the efficiency is higher for pumps and consumes less energy. 


1. Air source

The haet is moved between two air mediums that is room and outside environment. This is used to heat or cool the interiors of a room. 

2. Geothermal

The exchange of heat between the air and ground as the temperature of the soil is constant, offering much more efficiency. The heat pump price is high for installation and time-consuming. It can also cool the building during summers by transferring heat from inside to the ground. 

3. Exhaust air

The definition of an exhaust air heat pump is a device that extracts heat from the exhaust of the building and needs mechanical ventilation. 

4. Solar heat pump 

It incorporates solar panels as a power supply for the pump. It is a form of renewable energy and is possible to heat or cool your home. 

5. Water source

Here water is disappeared in the way of air. They also need so sources like lakes, well or other water bodies to dissipate.

6. Hybrid

In a climate where there are extremities of cold and heat, a hybrid system works well and increases efficiency.

7. Absorption or gas-fired

It functions by another source like solar or geothermal or gas. They are usually used for industrial applications. 

Heat pump water heaters

They don’t generate heat directly but uses energy to transfer heat from one place to another. This is an advantage because they save 2-3 times more energy compared to other electrical resistance water heaters. The location with 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable for its installation. Heat pump water heater does not work well in cold places because they tend to cool that environment. 

Popular brand in India

  1. Stiebel Eltron
  2. carrier
  3. American standard
  4. Goodman
  5. AO Smith
  6. Racold

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