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A kitchen isn’t complete ergonomically until it has aspects that boost productivity, efficiency, and comfort while cooking. A proper kitchen must include features such as the right hob or chimney, storage cabinets, drawers, counters, and so on. A kitchen sink with tap in standard size with single or double bowl models remains comes in a wide range of designs and prices.

One of the most important purchases you’ll make is a sink. Before getting one installed, keep in mind that a sink is constantly bombarded with harmful substances such as slimy and oily foods, sharp blades, boiling water, and so on.


kitchen sink with tap in beautiful design at affordable price
A stylish undermount sink

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How to choose the right kitchen sinks?

They are practical, long-lasting, and have an eye-catching kitchen sink design. The sinks’ simplistic design, with their basic rectangular shape, will blend in easily with a modern, utilitarian cooking area. Choose from a variety of sink styles and sizes to create the perfect model for your ideal cooking area. Should it be a natural SilicaTec granite or standard stainless steel? In our assortment, you’ll find the perfect granite sink colour to complement your interior design.

Choosing a sink of a standard size is an important aspect of any kitchen remodel. Consider which type of sink best suits your cooking area and personality, from traditional top-mount sinks to newer, trendier pieces like the low divider sink.

Types of kitchen sinks

On the basis of the number of bowls

Single kitchen sink with tap

Single basin sink sizes are a type of sink that includes both farmhouse (apron) and in-counter sinks. This sink does not have a divided basin.


Double kitchen sink with taps

Dual bowl sinks are the most common sort of sink configuration, allowing for washing on one side and rinsing or drying on the other. Washing, rinsing, and draining are all covered by double bowl sinks, which are truly multi-purpose and highly adaptable. A decent double basin sink in standard size is difficult to go wrong with.

On the basis of placement 

Top-mount sink

It’s also known as a drop-in sink because of the way it’s constructed, which is to drop it into a hole in the countertop. It features a rim or a lip that helps to keep it in place, giving it a polished appearance.


Undermount sink

This is a sort of sink that is positioned beneath the counter. Because it lacks a rim or lip, the counter’s edge falls right into the sink basin.


On the basis of material

Stainless steel kitchen sink 

Because of their affordability and versatility, stainless steel sinks account for a major portion of the home and commercial kitchen sink industry. They’re available in most of the shapes and designs on our list, and they don’t require much upkeep to preserve their luster.


Quartz sink 

Granite or quartz, as well as an acrylic substance, are used to make composite sinks, which are typically 80 percent stone and 20 percent acrylic. The fundamental advantage of composite sinks is their long life. The surface resists scratches and heat, and it can tolerate temperatures up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit. Composite sinks are also quieter and more resistant to bacteria and odours than stainless steel sinks.


Fireclay kitchen sinks

They’re constructed of clay and glaze that’s been fused together at 1600 degrees in this case. Handcrafted fireclay sinks have a handmade appearance and feel to them.


So, buy the most advanced kitchen sinks at the most competitive prices here!

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