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Our homes are incomplete without proper lighting, it is crucial to have a well-lit home to feel safe and comfortable. Light bulbs are a basic unit when it comes to the lighting system of the house. Now like every other thing, light bulbs have gone through several technological advancements, earlier incandescent bulbs were primary to domestic lighting but now LED bulbs dominate the market. The variety of electrical bulbs is huge! From coloured and UV bulbs to Smart- automatic bulbs with sensors. Here is a small guide for you to follow to purchase LED, CFL, UV and incandescent bulbs at wholesale price.


LED,CFL,UV & incandescent Light bulbs at lowest price.
Bright, durable and smart bulbs.

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Types of light bulbs

Since the lighting of a room impacts our mood and senses, only the best quality and right type of bulbs are to be purchased for durability and beautifully illuminated ambience.

Incandescent bulbs

These bulbs are the grandfather of all existing bulbs, with a minimal and straightforward design. It needs a complete electrical circuit that passes electricity in tungsten filament that emits light due to low melting point. These bulbs are filled with inert gases like argon that can be lethal on breakage. Now, these are replaced with CFL and LED bulbs.

CFL bulbs

These are improved versions of bulbs that are much greener than the traditional incandescent ones. Compact fluorescent lamps can be your friend for reducing electricity bills but it contains toxins like mercury that might be fatal on breakage.

LED bulbs

These are the most advanced light bulbs, they account for being environmentally friendly and also economical. What sets them apart is their operational life span which surpasses all other types of bulbs. LED light bulbs to come in various settings like coloured, smart sensor bulbs that are automatic.


Best brands in India 

Purchase the best quality LED, CFL, UV light bulbs that are durable and sustainable for your homes and offices at affordable price range from the brands listed below.

  1. Havells
  2. Anchor by Panasonic
  3. Surya Roshni
  4. Wipro
  5. Bajaj
  6. Syska
  7. Philips
  8. Crompton
  9. Duracell solar
  10. Moser Baer

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