UPVC Pipes

The housing system is incomplete without a solid plumbing apparatus, which is a fundamental one-time investment. Thus pipes of the right size, material quality, and durability are to be prioritized. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride commonly known as UPVC pipes and fittings is made with PVC resin. Thereafter, added with plasticizers to make it easier for manufacturing pipes. UPVC Pipes manufacturers dominate the market when it comes to domestic drainage use and portable water supply in an affordable price range and variety of sizes.


upvc pipes and fittings of all sizes from to manufacturers at wholesale price.
Safe and healthy plumbing begins with quality pipes

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The UPVC plumbing system offers a maintenance-free solution that gives it a durable and non-corrosive quality.

Smooth surface

These pipes introduce an easy flow due to smooth polished surfaces without any bumps.

Low bacterial growth

They are lead-free and hence, non-toxic, also conducive for use in potable water pipes. Leading manufacturers offer a broad range of eco-friendly and chemical-free UPVC pipes.

Ease of installation and repairs

The ease of use and installation of the system lends it more advantages, as it is not only quick but is also achieved efficiently using inexpensive tools.


Its easy installation cuts down on installation costs. Thus it is more efficient and budget-friendly than other plumbing pipes. 



  • In drinking water supply lines.
  • Being non-conductive to fire and combustion, UPVC material makes a good choice for electrical installation. Therefore, UPVC pipes mean extra safety.
  • UPVC plumbing fittings and pipes have scope in ventilation.
  • Widely applicable in tube wells and UPVC downpipes.


Top manufacturers in India

Purchase the best quality UPVC pipes from below mentioned brands offering all sizes and features in a pocket-friendly price range.

  1. Finolex
  2. Astral
  3. Jindal
  4. Supreme Industries
  5. Viega
  6. Geberit
  7. Zoloto
  8. Vectus
  9. Apollo Pipes
  10. Price Pipes

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