Dexune Fibre Ceiling: Wood-Wool Ceiling

Wood-Wool Ceiling
Wood-Wool Ceiling

The Wood Wool Ceiling range of products is the eco-friendly ceiling solution from Dexune. The products are specifically designed to meet all the requirements of ceiling structure including functionality and design.

About the product

Wood-wool fibre is now a leading solution for interior elements within the sphere of eco-friendly options. It is a cost-effective fibre ceiling solution with higher performance. Dexune’s range of Wood-wool ceiling products utilizes all the advantages of wood-wool to deliver products that are soundproof and thermally insulating.

The products are also available in multiple sizes and colour variations to suit the false ceiling design requirements and other elements of individual spaces. 

Product Description

  Dexune Fibre Ceiling-Wood-Wool Ceiling Specifications

  • Material – high-quality wood wool
  • Durable Dexune Fibre Ceiling
  • Consistent finish
  • Varied colour and size options
  • Thickness – 10/12/20/25mm
  • Clean corners
  • Square panels
  • Less dust than the competition
  • Cost-effective – lower cost than other solutions
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Low VOC
  • Manufactured from 3 simple ingredients: wood fibre, cement, & water
  • Can be used as ceiling or wall mount
  • Paintable
  • With a wide range of SonoKote™ colours
  • With sound absorber and thermal insulation properties
  • Application – Schools and civic centres like classrooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums; restaurants, bars, wellness centres, sports and entertainment facilities, manufacturing and industrial facilities, airports, garages, etc.

Dexune Customer Care No. is 0120-2341119

Brand Info


Dexune manufactures false Ceiling System & is a Suppliers of false Ceiling System and Acoustics systems. They offer interior designing of False Ceiling / Wall Panelling material for Commercial and Residential sectors.

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