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Dormakaba Dec 160, locking cylinders, cylinder door lock

Dormakaba’s mission is to do everything possible to create a secure future. Day by day, installation by installation, innovation by innovation – they have shown visible proof of their smart access and security solutions, designed to create infrastructures that are efficient and convenient that seamlessly and safely control people flow. They protect people, properties, and possessions and that helps to give us a feeling of security and trust.

About the Product:

Dormakaba DORMA euro profile cylinders are literally the key to locking system security on both external and internal doors.  The flat key system DEC 160 offers a proven locking solution with a wide range of variants. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as well as for fire-rated doors.

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Product Description

The proven Dormakaba zig-zag locking cylinder system for doors is suitable for securing and organizing access to all buildings – apartments, private houses, public buildings, as well as business properties. Not only does the high-quality, matched materials of the Dorma Dec 160 cylinder door lock makes sure of the best corrosion and wear resistance but it also provides exact, good use and hardness. Undoubtedly, trust DORMA for the best solutions in a full design – with the right level of protection suited to a person’s needs and strong performance throughout. The door lock is available in the budget price range. And


Firstly, the key features of the locking cylinder include :

  • Flat locking system for doors
  • 6 main pins
  • Anti-pick protection and anti-drill device in the cylinder body
  • Class C corrosion and also, temperature categories (EN 1303)
  • Also, an emergency opening function is available
  • Last but not the least, it is a Master key capable


Dormakaba Dec 160, locking cylinders, cylinder door lock
The Dormakaba Dec 160 is a mechanical system that will ensure your belongings stay safe in your absence!

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Additionally, the product details of the Dec 160 include:

The DEC 160: The flat key system DEC 160 offers a proven solution with a wide range of types. It is good for both indoor and outdoor use as well as for fire-rated doors.

Security features of the locking cylinder:

The DEC 160 offers increased security with

  • 6 main pins
  • Anti-pick protection
  • Anti-drill protection in the body

Furthermore, a wide range of types in the Euro profile of the locking cylinder include:

  • half-cylinder,
  • the double cylinder
  • a double with an emergency opening function
  • the double with the internal round knob
  • a  cylinder arranged for the inside knob

Moreover, Cam options of the cylinder door lock:

  • 30° DIN cam
  • 8 position DIN cam


All types are available in the surface finish of brass or nickel.


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Contact Details:

  • M: +91-9967632127
  • Email:

Brand Info



dormakaba is a Switzerland-headquartered technology player and a market-leader in the access control systems and security solutions markets across the world. For many Architects and Consultants, the brand is also synonymous with the category of ‘door closers’. Today, as the markets have moved into high-technology access control systems, the company continues to remain at the top of the pyramid in innovations in the market.

The Covid19 pandemic has pushed the world into adopting technologies that allow ‘touch-free’ people management across doors. dormakaba has a wide range of solutions for homes, small businesses and large corporate environments to allow for the requirements of the times. In the brand’s portfolio, there is a complete solution package, both in terms of the hardware and the software (smart door solutions).

The company has a wide range of solutions in the following categories:

The company has some specific solutions for the Indian market as well, including solutions for the retrofit market.


dormakaba India Customer Care Number: 1800 121 6414




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