GeeKen Parco-1 Workstation


GeeKen is one of the leading manufacturers of modular office and Seating Systems in India for over 30 years. The office world is going through a period of fundamental change. The dynamism of new corporate culture thrives on the fact that a wide variety of working processes can be optimized by a setting which provides the right atmosphere. Modular is the futuristic idea of today that not only supersedes conventional setting but also helps in actually optimizing the space significantly. GeeKen seating collection has in its portfolio a large number of modular Workstation, Office Desks, Conference Tables, Wooden and steel Storage Units & Computer Tables. They are all available in various color combinations, sizes and can also be customized as per customer requirement & space available.


Parco-1 Work Station is a functional system that offers plain and lively environment. It creates efficient, working environment where communication is underlined.



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  • W- 1500
  • D- 1200
  • H- 750

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