Kone U MiniSpace Elevator


Compact machine room elevators for mid range buildings. Kone U MiniSpace Elevator is designed to meet the needs of mid range buildings and the needs of all segments be it residential, commercial, retail, hotel or any specific building in the urban space, making cities better places to live in. Through innovation and futuristic technology, the elevator solution offers a smoother and more powerful performance, warmer interfaces, smart operations, safe & comfortable rides and finer aesthetics. By offering a feature-rich experience to all those who enter the elevator, Kone U MiniSpace creates a lasting impression among them.



  • Designs influenced by urban experiential trends.
  • Feature rich designs that elevate the building’s appeal.
  • Smart and functional designs for enriched user experience.
  • KDS 96 signalisation with touch interface, adds premium look and feel to the car ambience.
  • KDS 93 signalisation with visual ergonomics results in bigger, clutter free panels.
  • KDS 90 signalisation with a bigger display with smart, contemporary square buttons.


Product Description


Application: Compact machine room

Max Speed: 2.5 m/s

Max Travel: 135 m

Max no. of stops: Up to 48

Max Load: 1156 Kgs*

Persons: Up to 17

Max Group Size: 4

Signalization: KDS 90, KDS 93, KDS 96

* For speed 2.5 m/s Max. load is 1020 kg


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