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Otis can be found in many of the world’s most recognisable buildings as well as the busiest transportation hubs and retail centres. They are involved in the manufacture of elevators, escalators, and related equipment.

About the Product

With space-saving architectural features, the Otis Gen2 Nova elevators have transformed the industry. These are the perfect blend of elegant design and global engineering expertise that ensures your passengers travel in style, comfort, and speed.

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Product Description

With unmatched design flexibility, Otis’s Gen2 Nova elevators are available for homes and commercial buildings with or without a machine room. A popular choice for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings, it has established new standards of performance, reliability and energy savings. Passengers will travel in style, comfort and speed, ensuring they enjoy the building to the fullest. The Otis Gen2 type elevators are efficient and low-noise passenger lifts system perfect for homes, with comfortable car size & speed help in a smooth experience for the customers, the all in a budget-friendly price range.


Otis elevators- Gen2 Nova
Otis elevators- Gen2 Nova


Features of Otis Gen2 Nova elevators

  • Low-noise gearless machine- Mounted on rubber isolation pads, the low-noise gearless machine reduces vibration and minimizes noise in adjacent rooms.
  • Coated steel belts- Otis’s patented smooth polyurethane-coated steel belts last twice as long as conventional steel ropes, without any lubrication.


Key Features  of Otis Gen2 Nova elevators


The Gen2 Nova lift’s compact machine-room configuration reduces its footprint to no larger than the hoistway footprint, reducing construction costs and optimizing rooftop space.
1.0 m/s Top speed


Otis Gen2-Nova-machine-room, elevators for homes


Machine-Roomless lifts

With the machine-roomless option, the lift components fit inside the hoistway and eliminate the need for a machine room. This saves construction costs and frees up valuable floor space for your design vision.
1.0 m/s Top speed


Otis Gen2-Nova -premeir-machine-room-less, elevators at lowest price


Refreshingly Quiet

Engineered to be different, the Gen2 lift provides a smooth and peaceful ride every time. Noise levels have been significantly reduced, so passengers relax in a quiet space away from the everyday chaos.


Pulse™ System

Maximizing safety and minimizing downtime, the Pulse system provides constant monitoring of the Otis patented coated steel belts.


Automatic Rescue Operation

In the event of a power failure, the battery-powered Automatic Rescue Operation system safely delivers passengers to the nearest floor.


Your Maintenance Programme

Otis takes a proactive approach to service, so you enjoy 24-hour monitoring, highly trained mechanics and a speedy global parts network.


Enhanced Seismic Protection

Coated steel belts and a uniquely designed machine sheave work together to provide greater stability during seismic activity.

Moving With Efficiency


The ReGen® Drive

Recycles energy and provides clean power for other building systems to use – making the Gen2 system 75 per cent more efficient and using up to 40 per cent less energy than non-regenerative systems.


LED Lighting in lifts

Reduces energy consumption and lasts as much as 10 times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps.


Sleep Mode

Lights and fans shut down when not in use, and seamlessly restart with the press of a call button. Sleep mode makes the LED lighting 75 per cent more efficient than conventional systems.


Zero Lubrication

The Gen2 machine and coated steel belts do not need additional lubrication, eliminating lubrication-related storage, cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste.


Specifications Otis Gen2 Nova Lift 

  • Max Duty Load- 1020 Kg
  • Top Speed- 1 m/s
  • Max Stop- 21
  • Max Rise- 60 m
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Multiple designs options


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