Ozone Linear Magnetic sliding Door System


Ozomotion offers Automatic sliding doors, automatic revolving doors, automatic swing doors offering ‘5S” experience i.e. Speed, silence, strength, Safety, smoothness; RF/ID card locks for hotels, Biometric & Numerical code locks and proximity locks for higher level of secure access to a space.



  • Quiet and smooth opening and closing-The mechanism of linear motor makes the door opening and closing in unprecedentedly super smooth and quiet way.
  • It seldom produces powder dust and make the environment clean- Since fewer points of friction, it is suitable for clean rooms, food factories and other place which is dust and dirt sensitive.
  • Highly safe return function- The door detects any body / obstacles and returns ensure high safety.
  • Function properly under power outage and other emergencies- Since there is no gear box, the door functions easily like a normal manual sliding door during power cuts on emergencies.


Product Description


  • Max. Door Weight- 2×80 Kg
  • Open Speed- Adjustable 200-500mm/s (Default 400mm/s)
  • Closing Speed- Adjustable 200-500mm/s (Default 300mm/s)
  • Model No- OZOM-LD R 80

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