Sugatsune (Lamp) MonoFlat LIN-X 1000 Hinge (Heavy Duty)


Sugatsune (Lamp) MonoFlat LIN-X-1000 with lateral swing mechanism allows doors up to 43 5/16” wide to swing open in a small radius and then close flush to the wall making it a great application for custom pantry doors, storage rooms or other applications where space may be a constraint.



  • Unique Design & Easy Installation
  • Lateral Swing Mechanism: Allows doors to swing out laterally in a small radius, ideal for tight front space application.
  • Full Access to Cabinet: Door will not get in the way when fully opened providing full access to the cabinet.
  • Free Stop & Soft-close: Door can be stopped in any position and closes softly.
  • 4-Way Adjustable: Adjustment in vertical (±7mm), Horizontal (±7mm), Depth (±5mm) and Parallel (±3°).


Product Description


Door Width- 750-1100 mm

Door Height- Max. 2980 mm

Door Thickness- 24-40 mm

Door Weight- Max 90 kg/Door


Brand Info

Sugatsune (LAMP)

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