Sintex offers many innovative solutions for the building materials market: Mr.DK Jairath

DK Jairath
DK Jairath

Sintex is a name that has been synonymous with water tanks. It has made many new product offerings within the water tanks segment. Additionally, today Sintex has many more innovative products for the building materials market. To understand the current level of activity at Sintex, caught up with Mr.DK Jairath, CEO –Plastics Consumer, Institutional & Industrial Products – Sintex-BAPL Ltd. 


DK Jairath
Mr.DK Jairath, CEO –Plastics Consumer, Institutional & Industrial Products – Sintex-BAPL Ltd.

B&I: The building material market in India has the right composition to take up the innovative solutions that Sintex has been known for. With the solutions you have, what are the opportunities you see for the company?

DKJ: The building materials industry in India is undergoing a significant transformation that has got accelerated in the post-Covid world. The market character is increasingly becoming organized and branded basis the evolving consumer preferences. The demand for building products and infrastructure is ramping up. Here, Sintex is very well placed to strengthen its leadership position in its operating businesses. These include products like Water Storage Tanks, uPVC Interiors, SMC Electrical & Building Technology Products across Distribution-Retail and Projects segments.

I would say that our product portfolio and industry solutions present the following large scale opportunities:

  • Clean and Potable water requirements involving Safe & Hygienic Water Storage, Water Conservation, and Water Treatment.
  • Revival of the Building Construction, Real Estate, Affordable Housing, and Infrastructure development segments in post-Covid times, boosted by Union Budget allocations.
  • Government Of India (GOI) initiatives like PMAY, HarGharJalYojana, Rural Electrification, Renewable Energy Programs, etc.
  • Safe and modern use of SMC products in the Power and Electrical industry.


Sintex products
Sintex products


B&I: What are the products that Sintex has for the sustainable/green buildings market?

DKJ: While the brand Sintex stands for high-quality, environment-friendly, and sustainable products, the specific products we provide for the sustainable/green buildings market are:

  • Bio Gas
  • Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant


B&I: How important is the project market for Sintex? What is the ratio of retail to projects sales?

DKJ: Sintex is a well-diversified company with a wide product portfolio spread over Consumer, Industrial, and Institutional market segments. For us, the Projects market is an important and integral part of our business operations and focus. Additionally, we are selective in undertaking projects business with viable commercials and our Projects business is around 20-25% of our total sales.


B&I: Architects, Interior Designer, and Consultants comprise a key segment in the building materials ecosystem. What is your message to this audience? What project support you provide to them?

DKJ: We provide world-class, state-of-the-art, innovative products and solutions for Water Storage in Household/Commercial/Industrial/Institutional segments. Moreover, we are also in the Public/Utility Services applications which include Water Tanks and SMC Panel Tanks. We also provide uPVC Interiors, Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants, Bio-Gas for renewable energy, Industrial Containers& SMC Electrical Enclosures.

We expect Architects & Consultants to recommend high-quality products. As a brand, Sintex is well-known for it’s quality products. Additionally, we also are seen as a high-trust brand. Our customers get great value, performance, and lasting durability with Sintex.


B&I: Coming to the subject of Project Management Companies (PMCs) and Contractors. What project support you provide to this audience?

DKJ: Our dedicated business team provides complete support to the Architects, Designers, Contractors, PMCs & Consultants community across India. At Sintex, we diligently address client project needs – ranging from design to customized manufacturing, supply, installation, and maintenance services.


B&I: You are present in the e-commerce space as well. How has your experience been with this online selling model? Describe the process involved in a typical online order?

DKJ: E-commerce is an integral part of the FMCG, Consumer Durables, Electronics, and related segments. In the present times, the building materials space is also seeing a shift towards e-commerce.  Moreover, a lot of new e-commerce models are being deployed across the industry.

Sintex has implemented the Omni-channel e-Commerce model, also known as O2O (online to offline). This is a hybrid model wherein we generate enquiries online. Sales happen offline via our physical distribution supply chain. We believe that this omnichannel model will define the future of the building material industry and we are maturing on the way.



B&I: The Indian building materials market is showing good growth in value-added solutions. What are the product lines that you are actively looking at as growth drivers for Sintex?

DKJ: We are aggressively seeking opportunities in expanding our value-added Water Storage Tanks portfolio with the recent introduction of new product brands focused on the health and hygiene of customers. This includes our Sintex Pure Anti-microbial Tanks and Sintex Ace Anti-bacterial Tanks launched in the Indian market this month. Our uPVC Interiors product range is also contemporary modern and poised for significant adoption and growth.

Sintex is focused on extending its brand leadership into Services and has established a country-wide service centre network as well as launched an innovative range of Accessories like KleanKit and InstaKit for the market. We believe that services will be our significant growth driver to propel both products and service sales in times to come.


B&I: Sintex also has a strong focus on exports. Can you tell us something about your international business in building materials segment – products, export markets and export numbers?

DKJ: Sintex has an established division focused on exports and international sales. We have a strong foothold in the Automobile, Aerospace, Railways and Custom Molding segments in several markets globally. To augment our exports to the USA market, we operate with a group entity – Sintex Logstics. It is our USA-based manufacturing & logistics operations to serve large key accounts.


B&I: These are the times of finding synergies with complementary business players. Are you having any such arrangements with the other players in the building materials industry? If not, are you looking at some?

DKJ: While we are focused on leveraging our core competencies and operations to strengthen our market leadership, we remain open to complementary associations in the industry.


B&I: There is so much competition in the water tank market. What still differentiates you from the others?

DKJ: To put in simple points, I would say that brand Sintex focusses on the following parameters:

  1. Brand Equity
  2. Consumer Trust
  3. Product Quality, Reliability & Durability
  4. Largest distribution and retail network pan-India
  5. National scale manufacturing and supply chain operations.
  6. Great Team.

These points provide comfort, convenience and satisfaction to our existing customers. I would say the same holds for customers who want to start working with Sintex.


B&I: What would your growth plans be for the next 2-3 years? And your message to the building materials business customer value-chain, right from the Architects to Builders, Developers, and Institutional Buyers?

DKJ: We aspire to grow 2x (over last year). Thereafter, with a CAGR of least 25%+ annually. This will not only keep us ahead in the industry, but also grow our market share. Moreover, the DNA of Sintex is built around an aggressive Growth Mindset, Performance Culture& Innovation to overcome obstacles, persevere and grow with sustainability while ensuring customer delight and stakeholders’ interest.

Our building products business has demonstrated V-shaped recovery post-Covid and we are excited to pursue our growth journey ahead.

(Mr.DK Jairath can be reached on


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