Hansgrohe unveils AXOR faucets and bathroom accessories collection for 2021

AXOR bathroom accessories
AXOR bathroom accessories
AXOR One basin faucet
AXOR One basin faucet


German bathroom fittings brand hansgrohe has launched new faucets, showers and bathroom accessories under it’s premium AXOR range. These are part of the company’s 2021 introductions. The new 2021 range comprises AXOR One, AXOR Citterio and AXOR Universal Circular Accessories. Buildingandinteriors.com takes a look at the highlights of this new range.


AXOR One control lever
AXOR One features an innovative control lever


AXOR One – The new faucets and bathroom showers

Designed by British designer Barber & Osgerby, the AXOR One faucets carry a minimalistic design language. Flat surfaces, soft corners and balanced proportions are the underlying cues to this new range. The range is practical and elegant at the same time. It is available in Chrome, Matt Black and additionally in exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surface colours. This allows Architects and Designers to lend a fair degree of customisation to their bathroom design ideas.

The AXOR One includes head showers in two sizes – 280 and 75 mm. Options of 1-jet/ 2-jet and 2 from hand-showers are available. The AXOR One shower assembly includes a head shower, hand shower, shower bar, and wall connection. The swivel feature in the shower arm allows for flexibility of the shower head (comes with Rain and PowderRain). The hand shower with the spray type PowderRain features as EcoSmart version saves on water consumption.


AXOR One shower set
AXOR One shower set


Key highlights of AXOR One faucet range includes:

  • Timeless and simplistic design language comprising an arched, slender pipe. This comes with an option of having operating handle on the side, two separate handles or with a lever handle.
  • Features a new and innovative lever handle with an all-in-one controller. Simply press down to start or stop the flow of water. Rotate the lever clockwise for hot water.
  • Sleek, easy to install and maintain – The cartridge is designed to go under the wash-basin. This makes the faucet body sleek. Also, due to a bayonet clasp, service and maintenance of cartridge is fast and easy.
  • An very flat lever handle
  • Showerheads comprise a monolithic design with Rain and PowderRain integrated.

AXOR Citterio – A water saving luxury faucet 


AXOR Citterio basin mixer
AXOR Citterio features a ‘floating’ lever


The AXOR Citterio range combines the luxury and water-saving features in one design language.


AXOR Citterio -The ‘floating’ handle design

AXOR Citterio collection offers a new lever handle. This new ‘floating’ handle-design gives the feeling of the faucet lever of ‘floating’ in air. More ergonomics, intuitive and ease of use are a hallmark of this design. This design is in addition to AXOR’s classic pin handle and cross handle options.  The new lever handle is also available with an exclusive ‘rhombic cut’ – for an optical and tactile experience that underlines the designer’s idea of ‘celebrating the daily ritual of washing with beautiful objects’.

In addition to the faucets with the three different handle designs, the AXOR Citterio collection offers  different spout lengths and mixer heights, different installation types, and products with cover plates and escutcheons.


AXOR Universal Circular Bathroom Accessories


AXOR bathroom accessories
AXOR bathroom accessories


Like AXOR One, the AXOR Universal Circular Accessories are also designed by Barber & Osgerby. These lend a common design language to the AXOR One range. At the same time, these bathroom accessories allow the Architects and Designers to achieve a good degree of personalization to the bathroom design ideas.

The accessories range includes:

  • Mirrors – wall and shaving
  • different towel hooks, holders, rack and ring
  • grab bar
  • tissue box
  • soap dish, liquid soap dispenser
  • toothbrush tumbler
  • shelf
  • paper roll holder (single, double or with cover)
  • toilet brush holder
  • waste bin

Like the other bathroom fittings in the AXOR range, these bathroom accessories are also available in colour options. The only exception is the wall mirror, which is available in chrome and matt black.

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