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white tiled flooring with chair, table, sofa from somany tiles for bathroom floors catalogue with price


can be effectively used as an easy hack to enhance the of any space. Many people associate with bathrooms or floors, however, are also used to decorate the living or bedroom walls. A great example of this is accent walls decorated with tiles. That said, it is pertinent to buy from the top brands for the best finish and longevity of products. In this article, we will explore the product range of Somany tiles, a brand synonymous with quality at a competitive price. Also, find a catalogue of Somany for kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, along with a curated list of “distributors near me” to locate a Somany store in your area.



About the company

Founded in the year 1969, Somany also known as Somany ceramics is one of the best tile companies in India with more than five decades of experience. The company also deals with sanitaryware and bath fittings in India. Its sales turnover for the year 2022 is Rs. 2073.80 crores.

Head Office: F 34, Sector 6, Noida – 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India

Manufacturing Plant in Gujarat: 14, G.I.D.C. Indl. Estate, Distt. Mehsana, Kadi, Gujarat – 382 715

Manufacturing Plant in Haryana: SOMANY CERAMICS LIMITED P.O. – Kassar – 124 507, Bahadurgarh (Haryana)


Types of Somany based on application

Somany offer a range of ceramic and tiles, polished as well as glazed vitrified tiles, digital tiles, and tile laying solutions. So, let’s have a look at the range in detail below –


Somany for walls

It is a common misconception that are only used for floors. There are several great examples of designers breaking this trend and using for decor. Keeping that trend in mind Somany offers the following range –




beige Ceramic flooring with chair and table
Ceramic flooring

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Ceramic is a beautiful material made by permanently hardening clay with the use of heat. For that reason, ceramics are popularly used for making tiles. Somany offer an exquisite range of ceramic at an attractive price as is evident from their catalogue.




A living room with white sofa

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Glazed are a range of that offer the durability of with the added advantage of VC shield technology. Therefore, this range of Somany is amongst the most durable and is highly recommended for floors.




black kitchen counters with sink
cladding in

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Somany produces a range of cladding-Novaclad that have the look and appeal of natural stones ideal for floors or walls. This unique range of brings together neutral earthy tones and the appealing texture of natural stone. Therefore, if you find the texture and earthy tones appealing, you should check out the Somany catalogue for this range.


Somany for

Tiled floors are one of the most timeless and sought-after styles for many. This evergreen look comes in an endless range of colours and designs that add to the aesthetic value of any space. Furthermore, high-quality tiled floors can easily survive more than two decades of daily wear and tear. Have a detailed look at the Somany range for floors below –




Ceramic tiles with black chair, table

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Known for their durability and strength, ceramic are popularly used for both floors and walls. Furthermore, they provide a balanced mix of strength and aesthetics that make them a highly desirable option for long-term use. In addition, they are also visually appealing and available in numerous colour and options.




white tiled floor
Duragres tiled

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Somany manufacture this range of which is considered one of the most durable available in the Indian market. Since are a long-term investment, durability becomes an important factor to consider.




grey floor with a pool from somany tiles for bathroom floors catalogue with price

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Durastone range of Somany is best suited for floors specifically for outdoor areas. Rough texture, pattern and muted colours broadly define the found within this range.




white floors in a living room with chair and table somany tiles for bathroom floors catalogue with price

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Polished are a form of ceramic with very low porosity. Generally, it is used as an alternative to granite and marble flooring.  Also, these have frost and water-resistant properties making them ideal for outdoor use.


View full catalogue

Click on the image to view

Somany tiles catalogue


Somany price list

The company ensures that its product range is both durable and affordable so that it can reach users at every level. For a better understanding of the prices, refer to the below –


Types of Price per box
Bathroom tile Rs.550/box
Kitchen Rs.400/box
Living room Rs.730/box
Ceramic tile Rs.700/box
Vitrified tile for Rs.700/box
Bedroom tile Rs. 700/box


Somany Tiles ‘Near Me’

During its lifetime, Somany has laid down a vast dealer network including 1,895 dealers all over India. So you can locate a dealer near you using the link given below.


Click here to find Somany dealers near me:



Interior is not just about introducing new and innovative elements of into the design. In fact, a lot of times, designers use old elements of in a slightly new and refreshing way. Similarly, are also used in the bedroom and living without restricting their use to the or the bathroom. When it comes to tiles, Somany is a name worth mentioning because of its quality performance and competitive price. The company offers for walls and floors for every space. The range broadly includes ceramic, polished vitrified, duragres, durastone and cladding-novaclad. Now that you have an idea of the product range and quality offered by Somany tiles, you can use the catalogue and the “distributors near me” section above to shop for your needs.


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