Flooring tiles to grab your gaze (80+ floor designs)

flooring tiles for a living room
flooring tiles for a living room

You don’t have to limit your artistic designs to the four walls of your room. So when it comes to your space, you can infuse beauty and functionality within every aspect of your space. This is where designer flooring tiles come in! Thus, from marble and mosaic to vitrified and carpet floor tiles, all of them enhance the look of the space.

The floor remains the most important part of your house. So, when going through different flooring designs, you can get lost in the wide variety of choices.

Choosing the best style, flooring type, and colour for your interior space remains a huge challenge. Thus, it becomes essential to understand the demands of your space.



Flooring tile designs for different areas of the house


The designer tiles for home make use in different zones of the setting. Also, each area comes with its own set of requirements and limitations.

Furthermore, the artistic preferences of the occupants must also be taken into account while choosing the flooring for home.

Thus, we have curated an exclusive list of flooring designs for home with tile flooring images based on the different areas:


Living room flooring tiles

The living room has to stand out from the rest of the house. It is one of the most important rooms of every household.

Also, a living room welcomes guests and offers leisure space to the occupants. So, its flooring, ceiling, wall designs, and other interior décor elements must remarkably impressive.

Let’s go through some flawless living room tiles:


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White marble flooring for living room


blue sofa for living room
Marble tiles for living room

Image Source: direct tileware house


The decent white marble flooring tile for the living room adds sophistication to the space.


Living room flooring tiles


brown sofa furniture for living room
Grey tiles for living room

Image Source: Instagram


This concrete flooring tile for living room gives a sober look to space.


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Living room flooring tiles


wood for living room
Wood floor for living room


Image Source: Totaltiles


If you want a minimalist luxurious look, go for wooden flooring for living room!


Living room flooring tiles


white marble for living room
Stunning white marble tiles for living room

Image Source: materialplans


Enhance the minimalist feel of your living room with marble flooring for living room.


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Living room flooring tiles


matte finish design for living room with furniture for living room
Matte finish floor for living room

Image Source: roomido


This light-colored matte living room flooring adds a sober touch to space.


Bedroom flooring tiles

The bedroom remains a place of solace and solitude. Hence, the flooring design must be welcoming and warm as well.

Moreover, the bedroom tiles must complement the interiors of the bedroom perfectly. Also, choosing too dark or too light flooring tile designs might hamper the aesthetics as well as the productivity of the room.

Check out some amazing bedroom tiles.


Bedroom flooring tile design


wood design for bedroom
Wood tiles for bedroom

Image Source: white lane decor


The natural knots in the wooden flooring give a rustic feel to the space.


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Bedroom flooring tile design


granite designs for bedroom
Granite flooring for bedroom

Image Source: covet house 


This granite bedroom flooring design steals the show with its glossy look.


Bedroom flooring tile design


textured floor design for bedroom
Beautiful textured bedroom floor

Image Source: behance 


This marble bedroom flooring design definitely steals the show!


Bedroom flooring tile design


matte finish or a white bedroom
Get a sober look with these white bedroom tiles

Image Source: behance 


If you love the marble flooring texture and are also a fan of matte, this bedroom flooring design makes the perfect choice for you!


Bedroom flooring tile design


laminate for bedroom
Laminate tiles for bedroom

Image Source: pixabay


The wooden bedroom tile design offers a natural feel to space for a soothing sensation.


Bathroom flooring tiles


The bathroom is one place where you cannot compromise with functionality. This remains a major reason why people have dull bathrooms.

However, with the right flooring type and flooring designing, you can manage the aesthetics as well as the efficiency of the bathroom.

So, let’s find out some wonderful tiles for bathroom.


Mosaic tiles for bathroom 

mosaic floor for bathroom with a white bathtub
mosaic tiles for bathroom with a white bathtub

Image Source: Maureenel Phick

These dark and light mosaic tiles for bathroom give it a clean and long-lasting finish.


Multi-coloured mosaic flooring for bathroom 

extended mosaic flooring
Extended mosaic flooring for bathroom

Image Source: In My Room 


Installing multi-colored mosaic tiles for bathroom design with extended wall mosaic gives an interesting look.


3D Flooring for bathroom 

3d for bathroom
A scenic watery 3D wallpaper for bathroom floor

Image Source: 3d Dress Lily


Add a stylish depth to your bathroom with this waterfall 3D flooring wallpaper.

Marble flooring for bathroom 

White marble for bathroom
An all white bathroom is always a royalty

Image Source: Casey Rutherford


The white tiles for bathroom offer great style and elegance to the place.


Granite flooring for bathroom 

granite floor for bathroom with white basins
Granite textured flooring for bathroom

Image Source: Boca Do Lobo


This granite tile design offers a distinctive look to the bathroom floor.


Flooring tiles for kitchen


Kitchen- the place where the major action takes place!

Who wouldn’t like a jolly and energetic kitchen?

Also, the use of kitchen solely for cooking has become an ancient notion. Today, it has become a common meeting area for the household. Therefore, the tiles for kitchen should ooze excitement.

The following flooring for kitchen will boggle your mind.


Flooring tiles for kitchen

white matt for kitchen
Off-white matte tiles for kitchen

Image Source: i.pinimg


The smooth flooring texture of Italian marble tiles for kitchen completely transforms the look of the space!


Flooring tiles for kitchen

black and white wallpaper for kitchen
black and white 3d wallpaper for kitchen

Image Source: cuisines-reference


Black and white tile design for kitchen never fails to amaze us!


Flooring wallpaper for kitchen

self-adhesive wallpaper for kitchen
Wooden look self-adhesive wallpaper for kitchen

Image Source: overstock


Make your floors fancy using flooring wallpapers!


Wooden flooring for kitchen

Wooden flooring design for modern kitchens.
Wooden flooring design for modern kitchens.

Image Source: The Recipe Project


Match your cabinets and shelves with the wooden flooring design of your kitchen and get a flawless look.


Concrete flooring tiles for kitchen

Concrete look floor design for a kitchen
Concrete look floor design for a kitchen

Image Source: My Stone Floor


The concrete flooring adds brings the interiors closer to a natural look.


Outdoor flooring tiles


Earlier, the outdoor flooring had limited design options. The major concern always remains efficiency and productivity.

Thus, not much focus was given to the types of flooring design. However, now, you do not have to compromise with the aesthetics to get excellent efficiency.

So, the various outdoor flooring options presented below speak for themselves!


Terrazzo flooring for outdoor

Terrazzo flooring for outdoors
Terrazzo flooring for outdoors

Image Source: Pinterest


Terrazzo tiles for outdoor offer great efficiency and even greater style!

Mosaic flooring for outdoor

multi-coloured mosaic floor for pathway of a lawn
Multi-coloured mosaic floor for pathway of a lawn

Image Source: American Hippie


Mosaic flooring adds a glitzy vibe to the space. Outdoor spaces have a limited designing scope.

So, you can install mosaic flooring outdoors and make it happen easily.


#3 Flooring tiles for outdoor

dual tone outdoor decor
Dual tone outdoor tiles

Image Source: Family Handyman


This beautiful outdoor flooring design makes the space subtly trendy. Also, the most convenient flooring type is terrazzo flooring. It comes with easy installation and a beautiful design.


Cement flooring for outdoor

Shiny cement surface for outdoors
Shiny cement tiles for outdoors

Image Source: Royal Stone


This grey flooring colour for outdoor gives an exciting undertone to the setting. Also, it looks wholesome with lush green plants.


Flooring tile designs on basis of flooring types


Flooring types come in a wide range of options. So, from wood and marble to mosaic and ceramic, the choices are endless.

We have broken down the flooring designs based on flooring types to make it easier for you to make your pick.


Wood flooring tiles

If you love the rustic touch of wood and the sense of nature and purity it brings with itself, wooden tiles make perfect types for you.

Additionally, they look really elegant and bring richness to space.


Wood flooring tiles 

shiny dark wood surface
Rosy wood flooring of living room

Image Source: Gaylord Hardwood Flooring


These wood tiles in various wooden textures give depth to space.


Wood flooring tiles 

Matte finish wood surface
Light matte wood flooring for a charming feel

Image Source: Oak and Broad


If you want lighter wood flooring colours, this flooring design is perfect for you.


Wood flooring tiles 

shiny dark wood surface
Dark textured wood flooring

Image Source: The Wooden Floor Store


This dark-colored wood tile for living room gives a neat and smooth look to the space.


Wood flooring tiles 

Matte finish wood surface
Matte finish wood floor for a rustic look

Image Source: UK Flooring Direct


If you want to give a neutral look to your space, consider this rustic wood tile design.


Wood flooring tiles 

textured wood for living room
Textured wooden flooring for an authentic countryside look

Image Source: Wide Plank Flooring


Yet another wood floor design for a neutral and natural look. Also, the even wooden flooring texture gives a sophisticated finish to the floor.


Carpet flooring tiles


Another interesting and highly aesthetic tile design is the carpet tile. It gives a refined feel to the room.

Also, the beautiful look of the carpet tiles never fails to throw life into a dull room.


Carpet flooring tile 

multi-coloured carpet
Beautiful multi-coloured carpet tiles

Image Source: bolon


This unique carpet tile offers a formal yet warm feel to the space. Also, the irregular color patterns and shapes of the carpet tiles offer a unique texture.


Carpet flooring tile

multi-coloured carpet
Multi-coloured carpet tiles

Image Source: Euronics


Get the sturdy look of concrete flooring and the softness of a flooring mat with these carpet flooring tiles.


Carpet flooring tile

multi-coloured carpet
Bright colour-combinations for carpet flooring

Image Source: shawcontractgroup


This delightful flooring design in unique colours and textures gives a lively look to the place.


Carpet flooring tile

multi-coloured carpet
Ombre look carpet tiles

Image Source: Interior Design Net


Graphic designs always steal the show. Also, this light and dark carpet flooring tile color beautify the space like never before!


Carpet flooring tile

multi-coloured carpet
Lighting and dark combo of carpet tiles

Image Source: Mohawk Group


Add style and colours to your space with this mutli-colored carpet tile design.


Granite flooring tiles


Adding granite tiles not only adds sophistication to the room but also brings a sense of mysterious oomph. But, ensure that your room has bright walls and proper lighting with granite tiles for a comfortable living.


Granite flooring design

kitchen deisng with beautiful appliances
Glossy black granite flooring

Image Source: Angrea Buratto Arquiteturao


Give a monochromatic look to your space with this granite flooring designing.


Granite flooring design

black surface for kitchen
Shiny granite flooring design

Image Source: Decor Salteado


For a shiny surface, get this glossy tile design.


Granite flooring design

kitchen deisng with beautiful appliances
Smooth granite flooring design

Image Source: Casa Vogue

Yet another texture of shiny granite tiles for living room!


Granite flooring design

Granite flooring tile design for b/w look.
Light and dark granite flooring design

Image Source: Del Favero


This beautiful mix of granite and marble flooring design gives a touch of royalty to the space.


Granite flooring design

Granite flooring tile design for b/w look.
Simple and decent finish granite flooring

Image Source: Flodeal Inc


If you are a fan of matte, this matter finish granite flooring design option makes the best pick for you.


Marble flooring design


The evergreen and ever-loved marble flooring design definitely stay above and beyond any competition. Also, it needs no introduction at all. Marble flooring designs offer elegance and luxury to space. Moreover, it stays for a lifetime.


Marble flooring design

Golden and white marble flooring design.
Golden and white marble flooring design.

Image Source: twitter


Dazzle your interiors with this marble flooring design.


Marble flooring design

black and white marble for living room
Highlight your floors with black and white marbles

Image Source: Boco do Lobo


This minimalist marble design makes for a perfect tile design choice for a luxury look.


Marble flooring design

white and grey marble for hallway
Stylish grey and white marble flooring

Image Source: Lauri Brothers


Marble flooring design can fit well in any space and setting.


Marble flooring design

black dots on white marble
black dots to highlight the white marbles.

Image Source: Marble Online


This marble flooring design works best as decent living room flooring.


Marble flooring design

circular design of marble flooring
Unique circular design of marble flooring

Image Source: Aiya Design


Match your marble flooring design with the walls of your space for a beautiful, wholesome look.

Vitrified tiles


Who wouldn’t like the shiny and glass-like surface of the vitrified tiles?

Moreover, the low absorption of water makes the flooring type ideal for home establishments.


Vitrified tiles floor

textured vitrified tile with black furniture and chairs
Textured vitrified tile

Image Source: moncarro



Install multiple shades of vitrified flooring tile design in your space to give it a startling look.


Vitrified tiles floor

textured vitrified tile for hall
Textured vitrified tiles

Image Source: Florim


The striking flooring textures of this vitrified tile design definitely steal the show!


Vitrified tiles floor

plain vitrified flooring tiles for hallway
plain vitrified tiles for hallway

Image Source: metricon


As they say, beauty lies in simplicity, these vitrified tiles totally justify it.


Vitrified tiles floor

mustard colour vitrified floor for living room with dark brown furniture
Mustard colour vitrified floor for living room

Image Source: visual.ly


The all-time favourite shade of vitrified floor tiles always impresses us.


Vitrified tiles floor

light shade vitrified tiles for living room with same colour sofa and grey walls
Light-colour vitrified tiles

Image Source: Rak ceramics


Go for a matte finish in vitrified tiles if you don’t like too much gloss and shine.


Vinyl flooring tiles


Most suitable for places with heavy traffic, vinyl flooring tile designing offers a wide array of options to pick from. Also, long-lasting and low-maintenance tiles are always preferred.


Vinyl flooring tiles

light colour vinyl tile for a subtle living room with white walls and ceiling
Wooden texture vinyl flooring.

Image Source: Garrison collection


Vinyl flooring replicates the look of stylish wood perfectly.


Vinyl flooring tiles

grey vinyl flooring tile for home and office
Grey vinyl flooring design.

Image Source: The Flooring Group


This grey vinyl flooring design gives the look of a decent natural floor.


Vinyl flooring tiles

light coloured vinyl tiles for living room with glass doors and windows
Neutral shade of vinyl flooring for home.

Image Source: The House of Silver Lining


Give an organic touch to your space with this vinyl flooring in a neutral tone.


Vinyl flooring tiles

plain vinyl floor tiles in a kitchen with grey cabinets, heavy pendant light and white walls
Light coloured vinyl floor tiles.

Image Source: designing vibes


Add a subtle spark to your kitchen floor with vinyl tiles.


Vinyl flooring tiles 

light coloured vinyl tiles for floor with off-white curtains, white walls, and neutral shade sofas.
Beige vinyl flooring tile design

Image Source: dinesen


Matching the flooring design with the rest of the interior design elements is always a great idea.


Ceramic tiles 


There remains no dearth of options when it comes to ceramic tiles. Also, these come in several colours and finishes.

Moreover, the ceramic tiles give a rich look to the entire space. So, let’s check out some tile flooring images.

Ceramic flooring tiles 

ceramic tiles in glossy finish for dining room.
Glossy finish ceramic tiles

Image Source: my kunkun


The simplest and most effective way of decorating the floor is by installing ceramic tiles.


Ceramic flooring tiles

marble texture ceramic tiles for a kitchen with white counter top and cabinets.
Marble finish ceramic tiles.

Image Source: Wattpad


Get these flooring tiles ceramic with marble finish for a rich look!


Ceramic flooring tiles

white ceramic tiles for wooden wall and entrance
white ceramic tiles

Image Source: zen yandex


The white ceramic tiles before a dark-colored door completely transform the look!


Ceramic flooring tiles

grey glossy flooring tiles for bathroom with bathroom tub
grey glossy ceramic tiles

Image Source: cose di casa


These light grey ceramic tiles give the look of marble and the smoothness of flooring tiles.


Stone Flooring


The most conventional flooring material is stone flooring. However, it is also one of the most aesthetic flooring types.

Also, the durability and longevity of stone flooring work like icing on the cake.


Stone flooring tiles

multi-coloured stone flooring tiles for outdoor with stone boundary and entry gate
multi-colored stone flooring for entrance passage

Image Source: dektek tile


Installing stone flooring at the entrance gives a strong and raw first impression!


Stone flooring tiles

muli-coloured stone flooring tiles with white, grey and orange flooring
muli-colored stone flooring

Image Source: gloopla


The different colours in the stone flooring add a quirky vibe to the place.


Stone flooring tiles

matte stone flooring tiles for dining room and kitchen
matte finish stone flooring

Image Source: emctiles


Give a rustic charm to your space with matte stone flooring.


Stone flooring tiles

stone flooring tiles for hallway with wooden roof and glass doors
Vintage look stone flooring

Image Source: folloart

Give an antique look to your house with these vintage stone flooring and interior design.


Mosaic flooring tiles


The mosaic flooring tiles are inarguably the most versatile and aesthetic flooring tile designs. Also, they enhance the flooring beauty exponentially.

Moreover, you can install mosaic flooring tiles for outdoors near pools and as designer flooring tiles for homes in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom

So, let’s have a look at the different tile flooring images.


Mosaic flooring tiles

Multi-coloured flower pattern of mosaic tile on black floor
Different flower patterns on mosaic flooring.

Image Source: copper glass and recycled trash


Add dramatic visuals to your bathroom with mosaic flooring tile designs.


Mosaic flooring tiles

white, black, and blue mosaic flooring tiles in geometrical arrangement for entrance hallway with white and grey staircase
Subtle colour combinations on mosaic flooring.

Image Source: planete-deco


The geometrical patterns on the mosaic flooring with multiple colours offer a distinctive look to the space.


Mosaic flooring tiles

blue and white mosaic tiles for entrance hallway with white walls and blue doors
White and blue mosaic flooring.

Image Source: Tile Club


The intricate flooring designing done with blue flowers and on white base color gives a classy look.


Mosaic flooring tiles

multi-coloured mosaic floor tile for entrance
Black, white, and beige mosaic flooring

Image Source: London mosaic


The light and dark colour combination of this mosaic flooring tile design look exquisite.


Mosaic flooring tiles

mosaic flooring tile for restaurant setting.
Black and white mosaic flooring

Image Source: Sea and savour 


This black and white mosaic flooring tile design definitely steals the show.


Rubber flooring mat


Rubber floorings are best for gyms, exercise rooms, game rooms, and kids’ rooms. Moreover, they offer a good grip and protect you from shock.

Also, did you know that you can get a variety of flooring designing options in this type of flooring too?


Rubber flooring mat

dark grey rubber mat flooring tile
Dark grey flooring rubber mat

Image Source: inspired design talk


The seamless joints of this flooring rubber mat give a smooth finish.


Rubber flooring mat

rubber mat tile for a spacious gym with heavy exercise machines
Rubber mat for gym

Image Source: behance


The smooth flooring texture of rubber flooring mat offers a classy look with 100% shock protection.


Epoxy flooring

You can literally never go wrong with epoxy flooring. Also, this flooring type offers great adhesion. Moreover, the glossy finish works like a charm!


Epoxy flooring 

multi-colored epoxy floor for restaurant
multi-colored epoxy floor for restaurant

Image Source: elitecrete


This multi-colored epoxy flooring design has a dark undertone that gels well with the setting of the restaurant.


Epoxy flooring 

decent marble finish epoxy floor for a hall
decent marble finish epoxy floor for a hall

Image Source: leggari


For a smooth marble flooring texture, you can install this epoxy flooring without any second thoughts!


Epoxy flooring 

green epoxy flooring for kitchen with black chairs and wooden furniture
Green epoxy flooring.

Image Source: direct colors


This green epoxy flooring design gives a unique visual feel to the normal kitchen decor elements.


Epoxy flooring 

Marble flooring design with epoxy flooring
Marble flooring design with epoxy flooring

Image Source: flickr


The beautiful epoxy flooring works wonderfully in a house.


3d flooring


Want to add a little (read A LOT) drama to your space? Get going with the unique 3d flooring designs. Also, 3D flooring offers stunning visual effects. It remains the best way to change the look of the setting.

3D flooring comes in various flooring types:


3D flooring tiles

Geometrical 3d tiles in cube shape
Cubic 3D tiles.

Image Source: 3d tiles


The cubic 3D flooring tiles add the much-needed visual drama to spice up a dull place.


Epoxy 3D flooring wallpaper

autumn leaves on a black surface 3d wallpaper for bathroom with wooden cabinets and a bathtub
Falling autumn leaves 3D wallpaper

Image Source: etsy


If autumn is your favorite scene, you have to have this 3D flooring wallpaper in your bathroom!


3D flooring wallpaper

Wooden bridge in the sky 3D wallpaper design for malls
Wooden bridge in the sky 3D wallpaper design for malls

Image Source: Etsy


If you love fantasy, this 3D flooring wallpaper will delight your taste.


3D flooring wallpaper

volcanic lava 3D wallpaper
volcanic lava 3D wallpaper

Image Source: Etsy


This volcanic lava 3D flooring wallpaper definitely gives you the chills and thrills.


3D  Flooring sheet

3D flooring sheet for bathroom with a sky and cloud design
Beautiful sky and cloud-style 3d flooring sheet

Image Source: desert cart


The flooring sheet is easy to install and looks beautiful.

What’s more?

You can replace it very conveniently and affordably whenever you want to.


3D Flooring Sticker

black and white flooring sticker for white door and walls
black and white flooring sticker

Image Source: Brittany makes


A flooring sticker gives the look of flooring tiles. However, it is easier and quicker to install!


Laminated flooring 

You can get an endless range of options when it comes to laminated flooring.

Moreover, from a matte finish to wooden flooring and stone flooring, laminate flooring offers the look of such types of flooring designs.


Laminate flooring 

Laminate flooring for a minimalist white house
Laminate flooring for a minimalist white house

Image Source: home bunch


This light flooring texture of the laminate flooring offers a minimalist look with white interiors.


Laminate wood flooring 

wood finish laminate floor for home entrance with white stairs
wood finish laminate floor for home entrance with white stairs

Image Source: The Harper House


The beautiful shades and flooring texture of this laminate flooring offer great visuals to the space.


Laminate flooring 

laminate flooring for entrance hallway
wooden flooring texture of laminate flooring

Image Source: mannington


This laminate flooring gives the feel of wood which makes gets it on our favorite list!


Laminate flooring 

dark coloured laminate flooring tile for kitchen with black furniture
dark-colored laminate flooring

Image Source: flooring superstore


The dark flooring texture of laminate flooring definitely works like a charm!


Concrete flooring tiles

The safest flooring design option is concrete flooring. Also, you can use it in every setting and it will fit perfectly. Moreover, concrete flooring goes well with all colours and interior looks.


IPS flooring 

IPS flooring for a bathroom with black glass door profile and mirror
IPS flooring for bathroom.

Image Source: the cavender diary


The IPS flooring tiles look amazing and work effectively in Indian establishments.


Concrete flooring 

Concrete flooring for a cafe
Concrete flooring for a cafe

Image Source: ultralinx


Whether it is a cafe or an office, concrete flooring fits perfectly everywhere.


Red Oxide flooring 


The traditional flooring design of Kerala, red oxide flooring has gained immense popularity globally. Also, it offers a rich look and the beauty of crimson.

So, let’s go through some wonderful red oxide flooring designs.


Red oxide flooring 

red oxide flooring for a traditional home with bamboo roof and wooden furniture
Glossy red oxide flooring

Image Source: revista casaejardim


For an authentic Indian feel, use red oxide flooring and relive the aesthetics of the past.


Red oxide flooring 

red oxide flooring for kitchen
red oxide flooring for kitchen

Image Source: bobdre


Using red oxide flooring with light-colored interiors spices up the place.


Flooring paint


Flooring paint offers endless design and colour options. Also, you can pick your color preferences and get the flooring design of your choice.

So, let’s give you options in some exciting flooring paint colours.


Flooring paint colours 

blue, pink, green, yellow floor paints for home entrance and terrace with an orange door
colourful home entrance with flooring paint colours

Image Source: flickr


This flooring paint design is extremely simple and offers timeless aesthetics.


Flooring paint colours 

white floor paint with blue lines
white floor paint with blue lines

Image Source: Angel Arose Home


Another beautiful flooring paint colour option is the use of white and blue colours.

The application of this flooring paint colour remains extremely easy.


Flooring paint colours 

pink, green, and yellow flooring paint for a quirky office
multi-coloured flooring paint for an office space.

Image Source: Angel Arose Home


Cheer up a dull office space using a blend of different flooring paint colours.


Our top floor tile recommendations (Click on Shop Here to Buy)


Exclusive by Versace 

versace exclusive vitrified golden tile designs

B U Y  H E R E


Blue synthetic tiles by 3M Italia

blue synthetic tile designs by 3M

B U Y  H E R E


Carpet Tiles by Forbo 

forbo carpet tile designs

B U Y  H E R E


Heritage Filigrana by Listone Giordano 

wood tile designs by listone giordano

B U Y  H E R E


Moduleo 55 Tiles by IVC Commercial

Moduleo 55 Tile designs by IVC commercial

B U Y  H E R E


Gres Porcelain Vitrified Tiles by RAK

gres porcelain vitrified tile designs by RAK

B U Y  H E R E



The flooring tile designs whether marble, carpet, vitrified, etc. completely transform the look of your space. Also, whether it is indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial, the list of flooring designs remains endless.

However, every setting has its perks and challenges. Therefore, you must ensure that you choose the right flooring designs for your space.

Also, be it your living room, bathroom, or kitchen, you must not have to adjust to dull and boring interiors. Additionally, we all have our material preferences as well.

Some of us are crazy about marbles, while some like the natural authentic feel of the wood. So, whatever our preferences may be, we must not have to compromise with the aesthetics and productivity of our floors.

Also, you can choose your favorite design patterns such as abstract, geometrical, traditional, or quirky, when it comes to flooring designs.

The detailed and distinctive flooring designs will definitely turn many eyes!


If you want to buy top-quality floor tiles from the best brands, click on the link given below to check your options and submit your inquiries:


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