Larder unit- SPACE TOWER- Storage space for small apartments by BLUM

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In the special exhibition “Tiny Spaces” of #interzum2019, Blum presented SPACE TOWER. It showed how to combine optimal use of storage space, living comfort, and narrow space. Also, Blum’s innovative solutions help to gain as much storage space as possible, no matter how large the apartment is. Thus, this larder unit offers great storage space in the and bedroom with cabinets using smart motion technologies.

  • You’ll appreciate SPACE TOWER if you want a larder unit with plenty of storage space, individual inner pull-outs, and easy access to objects from all three sides. This is the most practical and comfortable way to keep food.
  • From all three sides, the SPACE TOWER has full extensions that provide great visibility and simple access to amenities (left, right, and even the front).
  • The SPACE TOWER larder unit is available in a variety of heights, widths, and depths to meet your specific storage requirements.

This innovative bedroom & cabinet makes the most of the limited storage space. Provisions can be kept together and organized in a logical manner.

From above, each pull-out provides great visibility. Provisions can be quickly located and easily withdrawn. separating systems keep things neat and give you a clear view of what’s within. Also, they also make sure that nothing falls over.

The larder unit can safely keep large objects such as bottles thanks to each pull-exceptional out’s load-bearing capacity (up to a total weight of 70 kg).

SPACE TOWER’s fittings are all from the basic collection for storage space. Also, the larder unit can be built with TANDEMBOX and LEGRABOX box systems.  Also, it can use MOVENTO or TANDEM runners and wooden drawers. This gives the entire a consistent aesthetic while still leaving for creative cabinet design.


Four motion technologies for Blum SPACE TOWER larder unit


blum space tower storage space with space saving storage cabinets and kitchen larder
Larder unit for

Image Source: Blum inspirations


For further user convenience, one may equip the SPACE TOWER storage space larder unit with a variety of motion technologies. With the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion assistance system, pull-outs open automatically — with only a single touch. With soft-close BLUMOTION, they close again softly and smoothly. Pull-outs can also remain outfitted with mechanical TIP-ON BLUMOTION, and TIP-ON can also open handle-less doors.


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