Geze hardware, access control & other security systems for home

Geze hardware, access control & other security systems for home
Geze hardware, access control & other security systems for home

Door access control systems reliably deny access to uninvited visitors and allow authorized persons to pass through your revolving or automated doors. Experience Geze Hardware, Access Control, and Other Security Systems for your home in the animated GEZE house!


GEZE is synonymous with building services, engineering innovation, excellent quality, and comprehensive support. The company manufactures a wide range of door, window, and security technology and is a primary driver behind building automation’s digital networking.


GEZE automatic sliding door, revolving doors, access door control system and security system for home also available
Automated sliding door by GEZE

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GEZE access control and security systems for home

1. Manual sliding wall system: The GEZE MSW glass elements move easily and quietly due to guided curve technology.

2. Revolving door systems: GEZE revolving door systems are an integral part of the facade and the “eye-catchers” in entrance areas of prestigious buildings. Thus, these work well with all security systems for the home.

3. Automatic sliding door systems: Sliding doors are space-saving, elegant as well as contemporary. Moreover, they offer ease of access. In addition, with RC 2 functionality, they allow increased burglar resistance.

4. Lift control: Controlled access via building lifts is possible using the new relay module GCOC 8 as a lift control unit. Thus, the relay module is used to organize and allocate authorization for using lifts. Thus, authorization for accessing individual floors.

5. Safety systems for home: The GEZE SecuLogic access control system meets the requirement of state-of-art identification. It is extended by two optional interface solutions: the Alarm Unit GCAU 200 combines access control with a building’s alarm technology. Thus, the activation and deactivation of the alarm systems take place through the access control system.

6. Emergency exit system: The GEZE SecuLogic door control units secure and monitor the opening and closing of all escape doors. In case of an emergency, the opening of automated door drives is triggered by emergency buttons or smoke alarms.

7. RFID reader: The broad-based GCLR solution function as door access or entrance control or as a personal protection system. In addition, this security system for the home consists of a wide-range GCLR reader positioned near the door and a transponder carried by the user. Also, the system allows access to specific areas and passageways suitable for monitoring and control.

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