The 6th Canadian Wood Webinar: Using Sustainable Wood Is A Collective Responsibility

The 6th Canadian Wood Webinar, Sustainable Wood
The 6th Canadian Wood Webinar, Sustainable Wood

Canadian Wood (FII India) has been at the forefront of educating the Indian building materials value chain on the importance of using sustainable wood. It has been conducting a series of webinars in its education initiatives. Hence, this 6th in the series of webinars conducted by Canadian Wood is titled, ‘Certified Wood From Sustainably Managed Forests’.


The interesting webinar discusses the need for all stakeholders to look at the wood used in projects more closely. Woods come from sustainable forests lift the pressure off from our forests and are good for the planet. Therefore, it’s a collective responsibility and critical. Moreover, it becomes more important than ever as a disturbance has hampered the balance between nature and man. Canadian Wood has a variety of wood species coming from its sustainable forests in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada.


sustainable wood
Make sustainable buildings with Canadian Wood species.

Image Source: MIPIM  World Blog


This is Canadian Wood’s sixth webinar, which focuses on our joint obligation to use certified, sustainably sourced lumber. Reputable manufacturers and interior designers, architects, and builders, and developers from all around India attended the event.

The webinar featured two important presentations. The first remains titled ‘Certified wood from sustainably managed forests,’. It provides in-depth information on the rigorous sustainable forestry management practices in British Columbia that ensure that every piece of Canadian lumber remains legally sourced and certified by Nirmala Thomas, Director – Market Development, FII. The second was presented by guest speaker Arun Kumar Bansal, Chairperson of PCA WG NCCF, and was titled “Business Case on Chain of Custody Certification” (NCCF-PEFC). Arun went into detail on the complex procedure of chain of custody certification, which can ensure that one can trace the wood material from a certified forest to any point in the supply chain.

Watch the Canadian Wood webinar video here.

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