Canadian Wood webinar on ‘Structural applications of wood’ for real estate & hospitality sector

canadian wood webinar on structural applications of wood
canadian wood webinar on structural applications of wood

India has a long-standing wood culture, with solid wood being used extensively in reman applications. It includes applications such as joinery, furniture, doors/windows, millwork, and so on. However, many modern architects/designers, the hospitality sector, and real estate developers, and the hotel industry are showing interest in structural uses of wood in houses & villas that previously remained limited to posts and, beams and roofs. The beauty, benefits, and convenience of working with this environmentally beneficial material are gaining popularity.


For the past few years, FII-India, also known as Canadian Wood, has been aggressively promoting building with wood. In India, it utilizes wood legally acquired from sustainably managed forests in British Columbia, Canada. It collaborates with Architects, Developers, Contractors, and Hospitality Sector Professionals on projects and aids them.


Laminated Tongue & Groove wood frame construction for hospitality sector
Laminated Tongue & Groove Wood Frame Construction Villas

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Canadian Wood (owned by FII, India) presents the first in a series of webinars on ‘Structural Applications of Wood.’ In this informative session, the webinar presenter Mr Peter Bradfield, Technical Advisor of Canadian Wood, introduces the audience to the many features and benefits of building with wood by providing specific examples as proof of concept.

The webinar also talks about the different techniques of building with wood. Actual hospitality sector projects delivered using Canadian Wood species demonstrate the point that an Architect can think about making a house in wood and actually get to see it happen. In addition, the content also included the different techniques of building with wood. The brand showcased some of these earlier this year at the Indiawood trade show in Bangalore in March 2020.

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