Why are premium modular kitchens by REHAU the real game-changers?

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Modular kitchens have become a common sight in every household. The is no longer simply a space for cooking; it has transformed into a status symbol as well as a space for socializing. Moreover, changing customer habits and inclination towards international trends have to the growing popularity of modular kitchens in India. That said, modular kitchens must be properly manufactured and installed for optimal usage and maximum efficiency. To achieve this, modular manufacturers must meet the needs of their customers at every stage, right from the first interaction to the manufacturing and fitting of the properly. However, there is a wide communication & comprehension gap between the manufacturers and the customers. To bridge this gap, REHAU has launched its premium modular range. REHAU manufactures German-engineered modular kitchens in India to deliver the best to its customers.

Read along to understand what makes REHAU modular kitchens a class apart!


Significance of premium modular kitchens

In the remodeling category, kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as a way to improve aesthetics and functionality. Reorganizing and redesigning the to make it more appealing has become a trend.

India’s sector has recently seen a shift toward contemporary styles and comfort. Indian customers no longer view the as a separate entity but as a typical place for conversation, relaxation, and creativity.

The pragmatic nature of modular kitchens allows their modification at any time which makes them versatile and flexible. This helps people keep up with the latest trends.

It is anticipated that the demand for modular kitchens will rise as consumers desire more compact and effective storage that makes the best use of limited space.

All these reasons contribute to the growing popularity of modular kitchens in the and remodeling categories. This is why we need the best manufacturers for the job. REHAU modular kitchens stay on top of the game with their international standard products, German engineering, and Indian manufacturing techniques.


Challenges associated with premium modular kitchens in India

REHAU is a veteran in the components industry. The brand has been dealing with all kinds of furniture, including modular kitchen for decades. So, it noticed the pain points of the customers when it came to installing premium modular kitchens in their homes. As a result, REHAU decided to jump in by offering everything that the industry lacked.

REHAU identified and addressed the following pain points of the customers:


Prolonged delivery

Typically, a premium is manufactured in European countries like Italy, Germany, and so on. So, when someone from India orders a premium modular kitchen, it is produced in Germany and later shipped to India. The entire process of ordering and delivery takes approximately 120 days.


High cost

Customers have to spend a huge amount of money to import their premium modular kitchens from Europe. In addition to the ’s manufacturing cost, other costs like high international shipping charges are also included which increases the final price of the modular exponentially.


Challenging repair & replacement

Since replacement components are shipped from Europe, it typically takes several months to handle complaints. So, the customers are left with two options- either to get replacement or repair services from a local source and compromise on quality or wait for a prolonged period to receive it from Europe.


What makes REHAU premium modular kitchens the best?


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REHAU changes the cooking experience!


In April 2022, REHAU announced its debut in the premium modular industry. The brand aims to offer cutting-edge designs, exceptional German quality, and prompt delivery of brand-new dream kitchens to customers at an unbeatable prices.

Following are the top reasons to have REHAU premium modular kitchens at home:


Quick delivery of REHAU

With REHAU, you do not have to compromise on quality for faster delivery. The premium kitchens by REHAU are manufactured in India using German engineering and technology. Generally, it takes about 120+ days for kitchens to be made in Germany and shipped to India. However, REHAU manufactures and delivers the same quality product within 45 days. As a result, you can now get the finest premium modular kitchens in less than half the time.


Reduced cost of REHAU

Although premium kitchens are a high-end product, the cost increases multiple folds when it also includes high shipping and transit charges if sourced internationally. However, since REHAU manufactures German-quality kitchens in India, the cost is significantly reduced because you do not have to bear massive transportation and shipping costs. A German would cost you a high base charge plus extremely high shipping charges but the same made by REHAU starts at a significantly lower price with no shipment cost. So, you get German quality at an Indian price!


Durability of REHAU premium modular

REHAU only uses the best materials and adheres strictly to German quality standards to ensure the longevity and durability of its premium modular kitchens. Moreover, all the products right from the components to the appliances are either original REHAU products or collaborative products sourced from exclusive high-end brands. REHAU uses its own laminates, furniture components, roller shutters, plinths, and plinth covers to create the of your dreams.


Customization in REHAU


REHAU offers endless customization possibilities!


REHAU understands that the design, layout, and installation of a modular is an essential part of as it will have a great impact on your for many years to come. So, the brand goes that extra mile to give you the best of the best. You can visit REHAU in Hyderabad or the Bangalore Experience Centre and your own dream with a personal stylist.

To further assist you in visualizing your ideal in your house, REHAU has developed its very own software.


After-sale services & warranty of REHAU premium modular

REHAU works with local partners to foster Indian artisanship while offering quick delivery and competitive prices to its customers. Upon delivery, the trained installation team will take care of every aspect of the installation and even clean up the house before leaving.

Furthermore, REHAU also offers fantastic after-sales services including a hassle-free warranty of over 7 years and guaranteed spare replacement within 1 week if needed.



Premium modular is a popular contemporary concept that is here to stay for a long time. The ease of customization, efficient storage, state-of-the-art German engineering, and bespoke aesthetics of luxury kitchens are some of the reasons for this growing popularity.

However, the challenges associated with premium kitchens have slowed down their growth. Issues such as prolonged delivery, high shipping charges, and poor after-sale services needed to be identified and eliminated from the root.

REHAU dived into the premium modular world to find a practical solution for all these pain points. Firstly, by manufacturing German-quality luxury kitchens in India, REHAU reduces the delivery time. Secondly, this also removes the high shipping cost that the customers had to bear. So, the overall modular price drops significantly. Lastly, REHAU promises to deliver only the best to its customers.

With all these countless benefits, what’s stopping you from becoming a proud REHAU premium owner?

Contact below to get your own premium modular by REHAU:

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