Gypsum vs POP: Which false ceiling is better?

Gypsum boards are factory-made boards of hydrated Calcium Sulphate that are fitted on metal frameworks suspended from the ceiling. POP (Plaster of Paris) is available in powdered form and can be moulded into any shape in its hydrated form. The key differences between Gypsum vs POP are:


Factors Gypsum POP
Cost Comparatively Expensive than POP 25% cheaper than Gypsum
Mouldability Cannot be moulded, these are available in flat boards Can be moulded into cornices
Cracks Does not crack easily Can crack depending on the workmanship
Durability Lasts for years Lasts for years
Resistance Heat-resistant and fire retardant Water-resistant


gypsum vs pop ceiling
Gypsum vs POP

Image Source: Suspended Ceilings Bedfordshire


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